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The Zodiac Guide to Pamper Your Man’s Pants Off This Valentine’s

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We are sure your man has lined up a lot of things for you to celebrate the day of love. But tell us something, what have you planned for him? If you are confused then worry not because here are things according to his zodiac sign which are absolutely perfect for him and guess what, they don’t cost a thing.

Pamper him a lot because he will love it. He constantly needs attention. Also, don’t forget that he is one of the fanciest of the sun signs, so how about a small gift for him for every hour of the day. The small gifts can be classy and emotional at the same time. A really nice perfume, a leather bag or even a pair of leather shoes; he will love them all.

For all you know, your Taurus man wants to be left alone even if it is Valentine’s Day. Going all out and celebrating with a lot of PDA just isn’t his thing. So remember to make him comfortable in the day, make an awesome breakfast in bed and then spend some quality time with him in bed.

The Gemini man is all about party and romance and what better way than to make him feel super special on Valentine’s Day. Start with a special wake-up call (if you know what we mean) and then take him out for a nice lazy brunch. Spend the day eating mimosas near a beach and then dress up in the evening to go out clubbing. He will love you.

The cancer man loves food. Give him some home-cooked food and he will love you forever. So why not plan an elaborate meal for him for the evening. A great scrumptious meal for the evening with some fancy cocktails followed by some love making. He is also an emotional man, so saying out things like how important he is to you will make a big difference.

The Lion is lazy as hell we tell you. He will love to go all out for you, but will expect the same in return. So make his Valentine’s Day special by ignoring him in the beginning and then by the time he is completely pissed, surprise him with his favourite wine or scotch and a fancy watch he has been lusting after. Don’t forget to dine with him.

The cleanliness freak Virgo will love it if everything is well-planned and well-executed. So start with a heritage walk or a nice tour of a historical monument with a guide and then take him to an old-world restaurant or the kind of food he loves. The Virgo man likes to get gifts of things which he absolutely needs. So find out if he has been checking out for those Bluetooth speakers online and buy him that.

A Libra man is all about dining and wining. Go all out when wooing him. From a nice romp between the sheets followed by a long slumber, take him out for a romantic stroll in the park or to the beach. Write him a letter with a rose telling him why he is so important to you. Don’t forget to mention his looks along with other things, because Libra men are a bit vain as well. And last but not the least, spend the evening dressed to the hilt in some gooey restaurant eating the finest.

Ah! The ever-stinging Scorpio. He loves to pamper but loves to be pampered as well. One wrong move and there he will be with his stingers out. So don’t take too many risks when he is concerned. Go with what you already know about him. Things he likes to do and gifts he would really want. Plan accordingly and he will love you.

The centaur is half-man and half-horse after all. So he will never want to stay at one place on Valentine’s Day. He would want to gallop away to a beautiful place for the day of love. Plan it for him. Instead of giving him a day, give him an entire weekend of love and plan it in a rustic cabin in some forest or on the beach. Some time near the waters and some in the bed and you are good to go.

Capricorn means business even in love. Ambitious and focused on what they want, chances are he is going to spend Valentine’s Day on a con call or in meetings. Why not splurge on yourself and get the super sexy lingerie which will melt his bones. One glimpse at you and he is bound to hang up the phone. Ideal gifts for him will be a smart pen or formal clothes.

The ever-romantic Aquarian will be making it all special for you, but then why don’t you try and do something special for him as well. Like booking a special couple’s massage for him or even just give him a massage. Then pamper him with a nice meal. Don’t forget to pamper him with a lot of loving words and care.

The Piscean boy is the most romantic of the whole lot. Chances are he has a whole day or even an entire weekend planned for you. You will have to really go all out to beat him to it. Think surprise trips and bouquets and love letters and a mysterious car sent to him which takes him to a restaurant where you are waiting in a hot dress.

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