TheGamersReality Shows Top 4 Most Appreciated Gifts By Console Players

TheGamersReality Shows Top 4 Most Appreciated Gifts By Console Players

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on November 13, 2020
PlayStation VR console player
PlayStation VR

Do you have a friend who is an advanced console player and crazy about gaming? If the answer is yes, TheGamersReality has a lot in store for you. They are a worldwide brand, and they offer a wide range of the best and most well-known gift and game cards such as Netflix, iTunes, Xbox, Google Play, Amazon, and more. They are on a mission to deliver the best game and gift cards available. 

Visit their website and buy your next gift or game card today. If you want to make someone close to you happy, choose from a selection of the finest gifts that will put a smile on the face of every console player out there. Here is the top selection of gifts you shouldn’t miss. 

1. FIFA 20 (Xbox One)

There isn’t a single console player in the world who isn’t into FIFA, let alone the final edition of the best game in the world. The game offers a unique playing style, a good dose of creativity, all while representing one authentic culture that brings the player all of the best football elements. 

FIFA 20 brings the finest selection of top players in the game, and this particular version includes a lot of new features and additional playing and customization options. More importantly, the game is powered by the latest AI technology, allowing players to immerse themselves in the best performance in regards to position on the pitch, spatial awareness, and playing time. 

There are five different playing options, the most interesting one being a brand new VOLTA mode that allows players to demonstrate their playing style, pick top gear, and build entire teams. All in all, a perfect gift for every gamer. Visit the site and get yours today. 

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2. Far Cry 5 – |Gold Edition (Xbox One)

The gaming community is well familiar with a name such as Far Cry. Well, Far Cry 5 is a real work of art that brings the best from the world of relentless shooting and FPS action. This gold edition includes something a bit extra on the side, which is the reason why it is a perfect gift for console players who are eager to try something new and exciting. 

This fine edition includes the Season Pass, which is an irresistible offer, as well as the Digital Deluxe Pack and the Far Cry 5 game. Aside from breathtaking graphics and an amazing story, the game is quite full of surprises, so much that it’s fascinating and thrilling. 

3. PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card

At TheGamersReality, they deal with only top gifts for all fans of everything related to gaming. Therefore, it’s only natural that they offer a fantastic gift card for PlayStation Network PSN. Now, this gift card is a real feast for the gamer’s eyes. 

It’s simply a perfect gift for a special console player in your life. Every gamer loves playing video games on PlayStation. Well, help them indulge in their gaming adventures by allowing them to enjoy the top trending PlayStation titles like Last of Us, Witcher, Uncharted, and many others. 

Stealth games, FPS, RPG, you name it, the card has it. Just add funds to your virtual wallet and gain access to any game available on the PlayStation store. TheGamersReality is always working hard to make their customers happy. 

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4. Xbox Live Gift Card

If you have a passionate gamer in your life, you can make them happy by purchasing the ultimate gift – the almighty Xbox Live Gift Card. Redeemable at Microsoft’s online store and on Xbox and Windows, this gift card offers an array of benefits to console players. 

Since we’re fully aware that avid gamers have well-defined gaming preferences, purchasing this card is the best way to keep your favorite gamer happy. Aside from a wide range of top gaming titles, the card can be used to buy devices, applications, TV shows, movies, and a lot more. 

TheGamersReality is always there to make gamers happy, and their Xbox Live gift card is a convenient and easy way to get access to a wide range of fantastic games and other exciting items. 


At TheGamersReality, they’re fully dedicated to making their customers more than happy. They offer an extra 10% off on all first orders, as well as the best games in the gaming world

Check out their selection of the finest game and gift cards and make someone happy today. 


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