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We Have Not Killed A Single Soul – IPOB Accuses Northern Group Of ‘Born-to-Rule’ Syndrome

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Monday, May 23, 2016 accused President Muhammadu Buhari of venting anger on the eastern states due to his inability to address the national economic challenges that are clearly beyond him and with no economic team in his government to proffer solution to the daunting issues staring at him in the face.

The body said the only sin of the South East is its call for “freedom from a hellish prison” where the south easterners do not have a future for themselves nor for their children yet unborn.

Hence, it said “As the clock ticks towards Armageddon, IPOB worldwide are convinced more than ever that our freedom from the Nigerian state has become inevitable.

The group accused the federal government of manufacturing false allegations against the region as strategies to justify the mindless oppression on the peaceful and harmless people of the Igbo extraction.

Following this, the group has raised the alarm that the federal government has allegedly planned to systematically carry out a genocide on the South Eastern states of the country.

The allegation was fuelled by the call from the Northern oligarchy calling for the treatment of Biafra agitators as Boko Haram fundamentalists through the instrumentality of the security operatives.

In a statement by IPOB spokespersons and delivered to The Trent by email on Monday, May 23, 2015, Emma Mmezu and Clifford Iroanya, speaking for the group, said the allegation of mass killing of Igbos was a development not to be taken lightly by the Igbo people.

“These sponsored groups, stoked ember of hatred and prepared the ground for the horrendous three wave pogrom of 29th May – 2nd June 1966, 29th July – 2nd August 1966, and 29th Sept – 2nd October 1966 in which hundreds of thousands of Easterners mostly women and children, were systematically slaughtered all over Northern Nigerians,” the statement said.

“Those faceless groups, that prepared the grounds for the unprecedented genocide, quickly disappeared into thin air.‎”

“In 2016, another faceless group, Northern Consensus Movement, which claims to be a coalition of northern groups, even though only President Buhari’s Miyetti Allah turned out the only recognizable group among obviously fake others, alleged that hundreds of Northerners are being killed in the South East, and went on to advise the federal government to treat IPOB the way it treated Boko Haram.”

The group said despite the alleged plot against the south east, the South Easterners have never attacked northerners in the Igbo land, saying their allegation of northerners being massacred in the South East was false as they could not state the community or state where their people were massacred and their property destroyed.

It said it is on President Muhammadu Buhari’s northern groups that have consistently raised the alarm against the Igbos, accusing Buhari of orchestrating anger against the Igbos.

It said the northerners’ agenda of conquering the South East through the military is in furtherance of the northern born-to-rule ideology.

“It is instructive, that the entire South-West based media houses have never noted any attacks on Northerners in the South East. It is also surprising that these false allegations are coming only from President Buhari’s own organization, Miyetti Allah.

“It is also quite interesting to note that no Nigerian have heard of any attack of Northerners in the South east, except this strange coalition. They did not give date, instance or town in the South east where in their own words ‘hundreds of innocent law abiding citizens of northern extraction living in south eastern part have been killed in cold blood, with their businesses and properties destroyed’.

“It is very disturbing, that more of these HUNDREDS of northerners alleged to have been killed in cold blood in the South east, was never reported to the police, in the local or international media.

“This déjà vu of 1966, clearly confirms to all, that the Daura led DSS and the Presidency is totally unrelenting and committed to their predetermined agenda of firstly, accusing the East falsely of murders in order to justify their pre-arranged agenda of genocide against Eastern Nigeria.

“This systematic agenda of heaping false allegations in order to levy war on IPOB have been ongoing for months now.

“We recall the strange allegation of killing and burying 5 Fulani in Abia forest, the grave site, which the DSS have vehemently refused to show media men, till date.

“Next were DSS sponsored characters, Sampson Babalola and Stephen Onwu with their non-existent groups.

“Now it is a fake coalition packaged by Miyetti Allah, prodding F.G. to levy war against Eastern Nigeria. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

“Now that they have progressed to the macabre dance of hiring unknown coalition to voice out the pre-determined mind set of the President, our struggle has been confirmed by the reality on ground.

“It is clear that nothing will stop the pre-determined agenda to conquer Eastern Nigerians by military might, in furtherance of the Born to rule ideology.

“These deep craving to crush, dominate and permanently enslave Eastern Nigerians informs the agenda to adopt the 1966 format of false allegations, organized genocide, then full blown war.

“Those who could not see reasons, why we want out of this hell called Nigeria, clearly can no longer feign ignorance of the deep seated hatred in the heart of the President, who is venting his frustrations over his inability to address the national economic challenges that are clearly beyond him, on unarmed, peaceful agitations, whose only crime is their prayer for freedom from a hellish prison, where they have no future.

“As the clock ticks towards Armageddon, IPOB worldwide are convinced more than ever that our freedom has become inevitable.

“Resorting to manufacturing false allegation on Eastern region, in order to justify the mindless oppression, is a sure sign of cluelessness. Time is clearly running out.”

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