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7 Valuable Tips On How To Design An Office Space

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you started a new company, or are moving to a new location? Your business can only do well if your employees are happy. One big aspect of keeping employees happy is giving them a pleasant environment to work in. Companies like Apple and Google don’t spend millions on designing office spaces for nothing. A good looking office space will also impress clients and business partners, and convince investors that you are serious about doing business. If you are about to get a new office for your company, here are several ideas for designing it:

office space design

Decide between Open Plan and Cubicle

There are two main ways modern offices are designed. One way is with the cubicle office, where small cubicles are provided for each employee to work in privacy. Then there’s the open plan office, where desks are piled together and everyone can see what the other is doing. Whether you want to go cubicle or open plan will depend on the space available and the kind of work environment you hope to create for your company. Most employees will prefer cubicles because of the privacy, but if you have many people working in teams, open plan may be the best way to go. For inspiration, you can check out Toronto Agile Offices space ideas.

office space

Be Minimalist

Minimalism will save you money and space when designing the new office. Obviously, you will have to prioritize work needs over aesthetics. So don’t plan on getting an ornament cabinet for the new office. Eliminate all unnecessary decorations that take up space. For example, don’t fill up shelves with snow globes. One or two decorations in this regard are enough. Aim to be as space efficient as possible, especially if you are dealing with small office space.

office space design

Install Big Windows

It’s important to make sure the office space is well lit during daytime. Otherwise, employees may turn on lights and drive up the electricity bill. Install big windows or enlarge existing windows. You can get venetian blinds for privacy. Make sure there’s nothing blocking the light coming into the office space.

Buy Space Efficient Furniture

Buying furniture will be a big step in decorating your office. Whatever the style you prefer is, make sure the furniture your purchase is space efficient. It’s best to buy furniture that also doubles as storage. For example, a new desk may have storage cabinets underneath. Do not waste even an inch of space at your new office.

office design

Carefully Pick a Color Scheme

Spend time doing research and getting inspired before you pick a color scheme for your new office. It must match the overall theme of your brand. You can choose bright colors or muted ones depending on the nature of your business. Muted colors are great for offices because they give off a formal vibe. However, it’s up to you to decide which colors suit your workplace the best.

Decorate with Wall Paintings

Wall paintings do not take up any space. So, when decorating, paintings and framed photographs are the best ways to go.

Heed the above suggestions to get the office space you have always wanted.

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