3 Vital Tips To Finding The Right Sourcing Agent In China

3 Vital Tips To Finding The Right Sourcing Agent In China

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on February 12, 2018
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A sourcing agent is a representative who takes all the sourcing responsibility on himself and lets the business owner sit back and relax. Now, these agents are hired by different sourcing companies who buy products directly from the suppliers at low costs. The right sourcing agent will find you, and your business the best suppliers who sell quality products, the duty of the agent is to check the products and negotiate rates for you with the suppliers. A good agent can change the game of your business by providing you the best solution for all your business tradings.

We all know the fact that China is the hub of trading and people from all around the world do business with Chinese suppliers, but on the other hand the one person who plays a very important role in all the trading, buying and selling is your sourcing agent so make sure you are hiring a professional one.

Here are a few tips to find the right sourcing agent in China;

1- Use A Recruitment Agency

Recruiting the top talent in China isn’t easy, and it take you a lot of time and energy to find the perfect sourcing agent for your company. That’s why we recommend using a recruitment agency in China because it’s such a tricky task. Quite often they’ll have access to the talent you need.

2-He should provide high-quality services

Your agent should have some outstanding communication skills, he should give feedbacks to you on a quicker pace, and he should always keep you updated about the market. In short, he should provide you with the best of his services. There are plenty of sourcing agents available online and if you are running a business on a larger scale then obviously you would want some well-trained sourcing agents just like Ideasources, they provide the best sourcing agents from China that are highly trained and have great communication and dealing skills that will surely take your business to new heights.

3-He should be responsible

Let’s face it, the sourcing business is something that needs professionals who are sincere to their work, and above everything, they should be responsible. When you are about to hire a sourcing agent, make sure that he takes all the responsibility, from your transactions to your shipment and all the production. He should be a great dealer who knows what to do in case any technical or any other issues comes up. He should also take care of the agreement done between you and your supplier, and in case some issue comes up, he should be the only to ask for a refund from the supplier as per the agreement.

Above we have mentioned all the essential qualities that a professional sourcing agent should have. You can easily get an outstanding agent only if you are willing to do some research.


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