4 Actionable Tips On How To Set Up A Freelance Writing Service

4 Actionable Tips On How To Set Up A Freelance Writing Service

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the moving parts involved in creating an excellent freelance writing business. Between pitches to prospective clients, writing content for current clients and managing the daily operations, it’s easy for a person to get extremely overwhelmed. Understand that there are a few ways you can juggle life as you manage a freelance writing career.

1. Wake up early

Even though you have control of your hours as a freelancer, it’s a better idea to get a headstart by waking up early. Make sure to get a significant amount of sleep the night before. When it’s time to wake up in the morning, do your best to get into the zone and begin working. Focus on the task in front of you and don’t stop until it’s finished. Out of all the productivity hacks you could employ, it’s best to focus. In many cases, multi-tasking is the perfect way to take a long time to get things done.

2. Practice self-care

It’s easy for a freelance writer to sit down at the desk and type themselves into an oblivion. Before you know it, 12 hours have passed and your legs are stiff and swollen. Be aggressive in the areas of health and wellness. Instead of waking up to head straight to the computer to work, go for a walk. Take a spin class at the start of the day. Schedule in a massage or dinner and a movie. Don’t forget to have a social life outside of work. Be intentional about rest. Make sure to get six to eight hours of sleep each night. It’s the best way to maintain your sanity and health.

3. Outsource work.

Remember that you’re only one person. There’s no way you can effectively get thousands of tasks done in one day. Look at the tasks that someone else can do and work towards outsourcing. This includes household chores. Hire a cleaning service to come and clean the house once a week. Go online and use a grocery delivery service to free up even more time. Take advantage of virtual office services so that someone can direct their energy on the details you don’t have time for. When you implement these strategies, you’ll have more time to yourself. You’ll be able to focus on tasks better and you’ll improve your overall quality of life.

4. Stick to a schedule.

It can be tempting to goof up and pick up the phone when one of your friends calls. Just because a friend feels like sending text messages doesn’t mean you have to immediately respond. Turn off the phone and other distractions. When you stick to a schedule and complete everything, then you can have a little fun.


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