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#SoundOff: Tiwa Savage, Feminism, And The Hell Called Nigeria, By @Ikhide

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[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust to be clear, I believe Tiwa Savage. Her eyes say it all; she has been through hell. All to satisfy ego and a judgmental patriarchal society. Marriage get as e be sha.

Much of Nigeria is hell for children and women, especially the poor. Many of us lived it. And survived it. We need structural reforms to save generations of women and children from what serves as life in Nigeria. This is the case that many of the loud-mouthed purveyors of “feminism” have been unable to articulate.

We have some people, feminists, who do good work for the oppressed, but many who call themselves “feminists” are mere hustlers who can barely spell the word. I don’t want to yab them because that would be victimizing the victim twice. Or thrice.

Men are getting away with murder in much of Africa. We need legal and structural reforms to bell this fat cat in the room. In the meantime much of what passes for debate in terms of “feminism” is pedestrian mimicry of what happens elsewhere at best, but mostly the ranting of people with anger management issues. On both sides of the aisle. You are not the problem. The executioners in leadership are your problem. It is a failure of leadership, period. And Achebe was not just talking about political leadership. Chew on that.

Ikhide Ikheloa is a writer and literary critic. He is one of The Trent’s Elite Bloggers. He tweets from @ikhide. Connect with him on Facebook

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