Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Engineering

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Engineering

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You might be amazed at how the train operates and what makes your coffee maker works. Everything you see around you was designed, maintained, and developed by engineers. The primary goal of engineering is to innovate and develop solutions to people’s problems, regardless of how big or small it is.

The competition for engineering jobs are quite competitive, and the most knowledgeable and experienced one is more preferred than those with less experience, skills, and education. To learn more about the best paying engineering jobs today, you can visit

Below are the top 10 highest paying engineering jobs today:


Petroleum Engineers

As a petroleum engineer, your main task is to look for the most efficient and profitable way of extracting oil and gas underneath the earth. They are responsible in the design and development process on how to use water, gases, chemicals, and steam to extract the oil out of reserves, develop drill plans, carry out some research, and makes sure proper maintenance is applied.

To become a Petroleum Engineer, you need to complete bachelor or master degree programs in petroleum engineering. You also need to gain work experience before getting into the field. The usual pay rate for this type of engineers ranges from $114,080 to $166,400 per annum.

Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear Engineers are focused on nuclear energy and radiation for medical and industrial use. They are the one responsible for designing and developing the processes, equipment, systems, and instrumentation, which contains the nuclear materials needed in different industries, like medical imaging machine or spacecraft. They maintain and ensures smooth nuclear operations within facilities to ensure proper measures are applied for the safety of everybody. To become one, you must have a bachelor degree in Nuclear engineering and some work experience to get a salary of $99,920 to $142,290.


Aerospace Engineer

These engineers are the one who develops and maintain an aircraft or spacecraft. Because of its complexity, it is broken down and further divided into engineering sub-discipline like aerodynamics, propulsion, and avionics. Big aircraft manufacturers, like Airbus and Boeing, offer positions directly, but hiring on part-specific companies like Rolls-Royce or GE is also possible. Some choose to have a career with NASA in the US or ESA in the UK. Their salary ranges from $97,480 to $143,360 per annum.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg with an engineer in the company
Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg with an engineer in the company, Javier Olivan during the company’s 2007 Award event. | Recode

Software Engineers

This type of engineering is a combination of mathematics, science, and engineering to design, create, test, and maintain computer systems or software. They build parts that are used in computers, commercial products, and network systems. Since the world is starting to become digital, this job is one of the sought-after and highly paid profession. Also, companies looking for this type of engineers like Microsoft, Dell, and Intel are included among the top companies. Software Engineers usually receive a salary from $87,900 to $94,520 per annum.


Engineering Managers

They supervise teams of engineers, whether civil, electrical, industrial, or mechanical. Engineering Managers administer, coordinate, and direct the research, financing, development, and design of products, devices, hardware, and equipment. They create proposals, policies, specifications, and budgets between engineering teams, contractors, and clients as following to regulatory laws and predicts the effect of the product. They usually earn $91,180 to $141,730 per annum.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers carry out researches, develop and troubleshoot the equipment for large scale manufacturing. Different principles of physics, chemistry, and biology are applied to design, evaluate, and identify the safest and most efficient ways of producing foods, chemicals, fuel, drugs, and other materials. Their usual salaries range from $90,300 to $139,670 per year.

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Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers develop new and improved electronics, parts, and equipment. They also test and provide solutions for existing electronics problems. These engineers deal with products and systems from wiring and lighting of cars, generators, a navigation system, and robots. Electrical engineers earnings range from $84,500 to $128,610 annually.

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Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers focus on improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of medical systems and products. These engineers design, analyze, and provide a solution to problems in medicine and biology. They create artificial organs, machines, and devices to replace body parts and assess medical issues. They use computer simulations to test drug therapies, conduct research to advance medicine, and develop methods to assure product quality. Their salaries range from $81,540 to 126,990 per year.

Materials Engineers

Creating new materials and products are the primary roles of Material Engineers. They develop, process, test, and design materials. Some of the materials they use are made of plastic, metals, semiconductors, composites, and other substance to meet requirements. Most of them are specialized in plastic, composites, semiconductor, or metallurgical processing engineering fields. The usual salaries range from $83,120 to $126,800 per annum.

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Environmental Engineers

They provide solutions to several environmental issues and problems by applying the principles of engineering, chemistry, soil science, and biology. Environmental Engineers oversee the SOPs for legal plans, environmental remediation programs, permits, and legal actions. They also check industrial and municipal facilities if they are complying with the regulations and laws. Their usual salaries range from $78,740 to $119,060 annually.


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