Top 5 Reasons You’re Still Single (While Your Friends Are Making Babies)

Top 5 Reasons You’re Still Single (While Your Friends Are Making Babies)

By iDIVA on October 6, 2014
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Have you reached a point where it really stings when someone asks, ‘How come you’re still single?’ or ‘How someone like you is still not married?’ If you’ve reached a point where being with someone matters more than being the hottest person in the room, then it’s time you find out the root cause of your singledom.

Unreal expectations
If you think your prince charming is going to come riding on a white horse and sweep you off your feet, then you need a rethink! Whether you’re past marriageable age or not, having unreal expectations will only bring disappointment. A man who looks like Hrithik Roshan and has the same IQ as Einstein’s happens only in the movies.

You cannot compromise
If you’ve been in a few relationships but for some reasons it didn’t work out, it could be because you have difficulty in compromising (or you’re gay – kidding). You have to make little sacrifices in order to keep your partner happy. It could be anything from cutting down on smoking, learning to cook, or cutting down on socialising with the opposite sex, etc.

You have commitment/ ex issues
You cannot commit, period. It could be ‘cos you’re way too independent and you like space’ or because ‘you’ve seen too many marriages fall apart’ or ‘you’re still not over ex.’ Whatever the reason, you need to get over it. Unless you resolve your commitment issues you’ll find a hard time finding a long term relationship.

You are a workaholic
One of the other reasons you’re still single is because you’re addicted to work. Make it, married to work. You work 12 hours a day and even on weekends you’re glued to your iPhone and laptop. Wake up and smell the coffee. You won’t even get laid with this attitude, let alone finding a life partner. You need to start making room for social life – and no, not online – in real life.

You have bad habits
May be you drink too much, or you have a tendency to swear a lot. Even having too much of an attitude or pride is a vice and same goes with being stingy. See which habit of yours is a turn off. Check with your close friends or family members to get an honest answer.

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