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Tambo Valley Picnic Races, Victoria, Australia 2006

If you want to experience the fun of attending a horse racing event, you may need to pack your bags to get ready to visit a few places. Certain places are there across the world famous for horse racing events. However, this is such a sporting event which may be noted to be quite remarkable around the globe. Thus, if you travel any part of the world, you may get a chance to attend and experience the charming atmosphere of a horse racing event at a racecourse. However, there are a few famous places which you must visit if you love horse racing. In the following section, we shall note those places.


The most famous as well as a fascinating place for enjoying horsing racing events in Dubai. This stunning and hi-tech city is poised with a lot of exciting things. It has been considered as the ultimate place for the travelers, especially who love the urban lifestyle and ravishing nightlife. There are clubs, pubs, and concerts to make tourists contented. But, apart from all these typical tourist attractions, you can choose to visit Dubai truly unique with horse racing events. You can choose to join the famous horse racing events of the city, and tickets can be booked online. Since demand is high, you should check event date earlier and get tickets as early as possible. Dubai hosts the most expensive, posh and prestigious horse racing events.


If you want to experience the most expensive horse racing event, Dubai is undoubtedly the place. But, if you want to experience the oldest as well as prestigious horse racing events, London is the place for you. As a tourist destination, this city is always famous. It comes with a perfect mix of antiquity and modernity. From modernized transport to heritage building, the uniqueness of London is fascinating as well as unmatched. To check information and probable dates for racing events at London, you should check TVG horse races. Gather information about the racing events and make your trip memorable for being part of such a fascinating event.


If you want to feel the vintage charm of horse racing events, Canberra is the place. It comes with many small racing events throughout the year, especially during the summer season in Australia. You need to check dates and associated information about the places carefully. To make your trip memorable, experiencing these horse racing events is highly recommended.


Spain is famous for bull racing as well as bullfighting events. But, the country is also known for the outstanding horse racing events. You can choose to visit Madrid any time of the year to experience horse racing events. In fact, horse racing events are held in Madrid with little different rules that you may find in other parts of the world.

Apart from these places, a lot of Asian cities or countries are there, featuring exceptional as well as vintage racing events. Choose any event as you like. Make your trips more enjoyable.


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