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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you looking to find romance or are you already in a long-term relationship? Either way, there are some habits you need to drop to make sure you do your part to have a healthy, thriving relationship. Toxic habits can damage relationships, some beyond the point of repair. Instead of burying underlying issues, it’s best address them head on. Take a look at these four tendencies people often believe are normal and healthy that actually will destroy your bond.

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Blaming your partner for your own emotions

If you have a bad day and your partner isn’t being supportive, don’t blame them. Maybe they didn’t have the best day either, or are distracted by their own workday or problem. If you’re in the mood to lie around and relax but they have plans with their friends, don’t lash out at them. Just because you’ve had a bad day doesn’t mean they must cater to you; they shouldn’t be forced to ditch their plans based on your emotional state. Blaming your partner is a form of selfishness – your partner should never be held responsible for how you feel. This can breed resentment in a relationship.

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Being overly jealous

You can’t get angry every time your partner texts, calls, talks to or touches another person and take that anger out on him. It’s not fair to try to attempt to control anyone else’s behavior. Checking your partner’s email account, looking through text messages or showing up unannounced around town is not okay. It’s controlling and manipulative and leads to fighting and drama while also transmitting a message that you don’t trust your significant other.

Buying solutions to problems

If buying something nice or taking a trip is the solution of every issue or conflict, that’s not healthy. All this does is brush the problem under the rug – a place it will stay until it erupts its ugly head the next time. Buying solutions for problems sets an unhealthy precedent within the relationship and fails to hold individuals accountable for their actions. All this results in is one person feeling bitter and that they are unheard, and one feeling like an ATM. Instead, be the man all the ladies dream of and the woman men vie for — deal with the problem.

There is nothing wrong with being nice to someone after a fight or doing nice acts to show solidarity. However, no one should use gifts or material items to replace coping with underlying disagreements. If you want to find love or strengthen your current relationship, always focus on communication and trust one another so you don’t find yourself falling ill to these toxic habits.

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Never taking time away

In all good relationships, each party prioritizes some time away doing things they enjoy. Being together 24/7 isn’t healthy. So whether you want to play some tennis, shop or brush up on your casino skills for that future guys weekend to Las Vegas, don’t feel bad about it. Alone time is a healthy and important component to building a successful relationship.

Are you staying away from these toxic attacks on your relationship?


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