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Tragic: Widower Slumps and Dies While Pushing Car Through Flooded Lagos Road

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LAGOS, Nigeria – A heart-wrenching event unfolded on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, morning at Fomon Bus Stop along flooded Gberigbe Road in Ikorodu, Lagos State, culminating in the death of a man who was reportedly visiting the city to finalise his late wife’s burial arrangements.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the deceased, alongside two others, was attempting to extricate their Toyota Corolla from a flooded section of the road known locally as ‘Ewu Owa River’.

Tragically, while pushing the vehicle, one of the men suddenly slumped and fell into the floodwaters.

Immediate efforts were made by bystanders to assist the stricken man.

“He was brought out and people gathered as expected. They made diverse efforts to revive him,” recounted an onlooker.

Despite these attempts, the man was pronounced dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital.

This incident casts a spotlight on the perilous condition of Gberigbe Road, notorious for its poor maintenance and recurrent flooding.

The treacherous spot at Fomon Bus Stop routinely ensnares vehicles, with over fifteen instances of cars, motorcycles, and tricycles becoming stuck in a single day during heavy rain.

The local youths, known as Omonile, have turned the misfortune of motorists into a business opportunity, charging up to 5,000 naira to assist with pushing vehicles out of the water or organising tow trucks for a higher fee.

The ongoing road conditions have not only led to tragic incidents but also significantly impacted the daily lives and transportation costs for residents of the area.

The community continues to urge the government to address the deteriorating state of this critical infrastructure, which becomes especially hazardous during the rainy season.

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