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Travel: Montenegro vs Turkey Citizenship: Check The Advantages Of Each

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Montenegro or Turkey – which country to choose to concentrate private business and become a full-fledged citizen of the society? Both destinations are attractive by their scenic views and protected nature. They have something in common, but they are also different. Let’s look at all the issues related to the standard of living in these states and find out where it is best to get a legal document and how to do it most profitably and quickly.

The two destinations are very popular with Europeans. And every year, hundreds of vacationers rush there. Undoubtedly, it is a plus for the investor who will dare to contribute to developing a hotel or hotel complex. Later he will receive an annual profit because the flow of tourists never stops. However, not everyone can afford to act by investing. Therefore, let’s look at different ways to get into this or that country, compare the pros and cons of living, and similarities and differences.

Montenegro and its advantages

The Adriatic coastal scenery is mesmerizing: everything is covered with lush greenery in summer, and the sea shimmers with azure. In winter, there is a lot of snow, and Montenegro becomes a ski resort. Environmental conditions and clean air contribute to improving the health of the body and, as a consequence, increase the number of longevity. In addition, the region’s local population is amicable and speaks the usual dialect. It is another plus for visitors from Ukraine.

Probably there is no cheaper country to live in the EU list, which can boast reasonable prices for everything, as well as pleasant conditions for obtaining a residence permit and getting a Montenegro passport. When processing the documents, it will be necessary to pay a small fee, but, as in many countries, it will be required to live in the state for five years before moving permanently. 

The Montenegro passport by investment and its advantages:

  • familiar climate with mild but snowy winters and warm summers;
  • vacation on the Adriatic coast; 
  • architectural sights – the heritage of the Slavs;
  • visa-free crossing the borders of other European countries at any time and residence in their territories; 
  • The country’s borders are always open to citizens with a passport, and it is allowed both to live permanently and to visit the state from time to time;
  • the absence of taxes per se;
  • The dialect is understandable, so there won’t be any problems with communication after the move;
  • In the case of investment, there is no need to learn the language and pass an exam in history;
  • receiving a passport from the second country, there is an opportunity to order a visa to the United States, which will allow developing business, but for this, the company must already be open;
  • the waiting time for a passport is only six months.

There are, of course, minuses, such as the lack of heating in the winter and the lack of hot water in the tap, but boilers and fireplaces solve this problem. In addition, some will have difficulty with the hilly terrain because walking can be a real challenge for people of retirement age. Perhaps, these are all the disadvantages. 

Another way to obtain Montenegro citizenship is to invest. As the expert Svetlana Gorchakova (company Immigrant Invest) mentions, their amount depends on the area where the property will be bought. The prices are higher for the center, so it will be necessary to spend at least 470 thousand euros, including the expertise. The amount is not refundable, so be prepared for this turn.

Turkey and its merits

The sunny country beckons tourists worldwide; however, a purse becomes empty from such trips and entertainment. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to move to Turkey and receive income from employment. For example, by leasing housing to vacationers, you can justify your investments and acquire decent capital. Although not only tourism is a source of income. In contrast to Montenegro, the country is rich in natural resources and has a well-developed industry, including food, leather, metal, and chemical sectors. As a result, citizens are proud of the quality of life and a developed economy, and the GDP growth every year is increasing. Moreover, it allows citizens to feel confident and safe, to travel to Oceania, Asia, Africa, and Schengen.

Pros of Turkish citizenship are:

  • quality of life, education, medicine;
  • a multidisciplinary industry and an opportunity to earn a living;
  • resort place with beautiful nature and endless beaches;  
  • a possibility of applying for a business or tourist visa to move to the United States;
  • getting a Turkish passport and support for dual citizenship;
  • travel to European and other countries on a Schengen visa for ten years;
  • the opportunity to move the whole family and get passports for them;
  • return on investment in three years after the sale of the property.

Like the Adriatic coast country, Turkey has entry by permit, including applying for a residence or permanent residence permit. And afterward, it is possible to apply for citizenship. However, terms are shortened for the investor, and after depositing in the bank purchase of land or real estate worth 400 thousand dollars, it will be necessary to wait a maximum of 8 months. After which, it is possible to get Turkey citizenship by investment.


These two countries have pleasant climates and magnificent scenery and are visited by hundreds of tourists for recreation and health purposes. Many people also consider obtaining citizenship for self-development and international education. It should be noted that in Turkey, getting it is more promising than in Montenegro, as the education system is better developed. The same applies to medical care: if in the Turkish power, you will be served free of charge and high quality, in Montenegro, state clinics will render less effective assistance. It does not mean that you will be denied treatment, just the private clinics of Montenegro, which are paid, have more expertise. In terms of investment, the Asian country is more promising in terms of return on investment and has a small required amount in exchange for citizenship.

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