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BREAKING: 754 Arrested In Military Coup Attempt In Turkey, 42 Dead, 1,000 Injured

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Following a night of confusion, chaos, explosions, and civilian resistance in the streets of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Saturday, July 16, 2016 that a military coup which began on Friday had failed.

President Erdogan tells news media that the officers involved in the coup are guilty of “treason”.

An inside source in the Turkish president’s office says that 1,563 military personnel have been detained following the failed coup attempt which left 90 people dead and 1,000 wounded.

Turkish authorities are still rounding up suspects in the coup attempt believed to have been carried out by members of the opposition in Turkey’s military.

As the president made the announcement that his government was still in control of Turkey, the sounds of gunfire were still being reported in Ankara and Istanbul.

Here are what we know:

• At least 90 people died and 1,000 people were injured across the country.

•  Some 754 people have been arrested following the coup attempt, the Turkish state news agency Anadolu reports, citing the Interior Ministry.

• Bombs were reportedly thrown at the Parliament building in Ankara. A helicopter the government says was stolen by coup plotters was shot down by an F-16, CNN’s sister network CNN Turk reported.

• Helicopter used by coup plotters shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter jet over Ankara

•  Ömer Çelik, Turkey’s EU negotiator, tweeted images that he said showed some of the damage at the Turkish Parliament.

“Our country has been subjected to treacherous enemy attack, which displays betrayal to the nation, their uniforms and morals. The necessary response has been shown to the enemy and it is still being shown,” he said.

• Erdogan, speaking from Istanbul, said law enforcement has started arresting military officers.

• Protesters have been seen confronting soldiers; some civilian casualties were reported on social media.

• CNN Turk was shut down briefly by coup plotters.

• US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with Turkey’s foreign minister and emphasized “the United States’ absolute support for Turkey’s democratically elected, civilian government and democratic institutions.”

• 800 people are hospitalized in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, and 200 people in Istanbul, according to a tweet from Kerem Kinik, the President of the Red Crescent in Turkey. The total number of wounded, according to Kinik, is 1,000 at this time.

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