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US Elections: Clinton, Trump Keep Winning, Rubio Drops Out, Kasich Wins Ohio (DETAILS)

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Hillary Clinton will win the Illinois Democratic primary, CNN projects, on a night when she, Donald Trump and John Kasich scored major victories that reshaped the presidential race.

A big loss in Florida prompted Marco Rubio to drop his White House bid.

Clinton took big strides toward the Democratic nomination by winning Florida and North Carolina. And in a crucial victory, she stopped Bernie Sanders in his tracks in the industrial Midwest by taking Ohio.

The drama is still unfolding in tight races for Democrats and Republicans in Missouri.

The Republican Party veered closer to a historic contested convention after Kasich, the Ohio governor, held his own state and deprived Trump of its 66 delegates. That makes it more difficult for the billionaire to reach the 1,237 delegates he needs to capture the GOP prize.

Trump did, however, prevail in the biggest contest of the night, taking all of Florida‘s 99 delegates. The real estate tycoon also won primaries in Illinois and North Carolina.
Trump was already looking forward to the general election on Tuesday night as he urged party unity. But in a speech that served as a thinly veiled rebuke of Trump’s campaign tactics, Rubio warned that the politics of division will leave America a “fractured nation.”
Sen. Ted Cruz praised Rubio warmly and appealed directly to his supporters: “We welcome you with open arms.”

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