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US House of Representatives Rejects Bid to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson

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WASHINGTON DC, USA — In a swift and decisive action, the US House of Representatives on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, evening rejected a resolution by Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from his leadership post.

The motion to table Greene’s resolution was overwhelmingly approved with bipartisan support, marking a significant victory for Johnson amidst internal party conflicts.

The final vote tallied at 359 to 43, with the majority of Democrats joining a substantial number of Republicans to thwart the ousting attempt.

This vote came as Johnson recently endeavoured to pass a major foreign aid package, which faced staunch opposition from hardline conservative members of his party.

In response to the potential leadership shake-up, House Democratic leadership had earlier communicated their intention to support Johnson.

“Democrats will help Johnson keep his job by voting to table,” announced the Democratic leadership, aligning with Johnson to preserve stability in the House leadership.

The controversy began when Rep. Greene, after a series of meetings with Speaker Johnson and Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, decided to initiate a motion to vacate the chair.

This move caught many in the GOP leadership off guard, particularly after what they considered productive discussions that suggested more time before any drastic measures.

“I was shocked,” said GOP Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia, reflecting the surprise within Republican ranks following Greene’s sudden decision.

This event underscores the ongoing struggles within the Republican Party and the complex dynamics at play as they navigate leadership challenges and legislative priorities.

The House was on the brink of a weeklong recess when the motion was introduced, setting a rapid timetable for resolution.

As the situation continues to unfold, further updates and reactions from both sides of the aisle are expected as lawmakers assess the implications of this vote on future legislative efforts and party unity.

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