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Should You Use Soap To Clean ‘Down There’?

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By: Isabella Carson

All women have a different cleaning style but there is one thing that many women do that they really don’t need to be doing. Gynecologists recommend that when you are washing “down there” you shouldn’t be using soap. As strange as that may seem, it can do more harm than good. You should only be using water and nothing more to clean off your private parts.

We were taught to clean every inch of our bodies with soap and water but it turns out that we may have one area that can be harmed from washing with soap. Your v@gina is self-cleaning. It has a very delicate pH level that needs to be maintained. That can be messed up if you load it up with soap. You can open yourself to a host of infections if you disrupt the pH balance. So many of us have been shamed into thinking that we are going to get smelly down there if we don’t use loads of soap and make sure that everything is scrubbed clean. For many even after knowing this information it can be a hard habit to break. Many women will feel that since they have never gotten an infection down there from soap that it will continue to be used, which is fine.

Some of the other things that women have been told to do for their lady parts can cause some significant problems as well, especially if those women are s*xually active. Many will use spray deodorants that are made for that part of your body. They can actually cause you to grow more yeast than you normally would which can lead to more infections and more smells. Another self-care item that is a big no no is d0uche. This severely disrupts the pH balance and is one of the leading causes of infections such as bacterial v@ginosis. This is because the water and perfumes that is squirted up there carries the bacteria with it but does not flush it out. It also gets rid of the good bacteria that you need in there to kill of infections. You will end up being left with a lot of discharge and some pretty unpleasant smells.

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