The Wide And Tempting Variety In Tungsten Ring Types

The Wide And Tempting Variety In Tungsten Ring Types

By Style | The Trent on December 12, 2016

Did you know that Tungsten rings come with so many styling options? This is actually interesting, and thanks to the online jewelry shops for bringing the facts so presentably before common man. It’s because of the rising demand of e-commerce, online shopping and jewelry selling, that so many online jewelry shops have now come forward with a plethora of designs in tungsten rings.

And that is why common man, who never got a taste of variety in tungsten, gets to see the range of attractive choices. Not just that you invest in a hard and shining precious metal, which stays on your finger for life, but you also get a wide array of choices in designs and styles in your platter.

Black tungsten rings

When it is tungsten, everyone talks of the white color and shine much like the rhodium finish of white gold or sterling silver. But did you know that you can get smart and gorgeous black beauties in tungsten too? Well, there are black tungsten rings which can be worn with every outfit and can be matched to any occasion. Men are the best to carry them on their fingers, and these always look stunning.

Two tone rings

The next attraction you would like to stare at is the two tone tungsten rings. These rings are made of tungsten in two colors — one black and the other white. Due to this contrast, the rings mostly have a black and white alternating pattern or a white edge or black edge for more definition and clarity of design. They look gorgeous for this amazing contrast, and you can get one for your beloved.

wooden tungsten rings
Brushed tungsten rings

These are rings for those fingers which are not comfortable with too much of shine. There are many people, who would wear a wedding ring for life, but won’t feel comfortable when the ring is too shiny. Get brushed tungsten, hard and smart, for such fingers.

Wood inlay tungsten rings

These are actually wooden rings with platings of the metal. The amazing contrast built through the natural brownish or blackish color of wood, and the shining white metal, side by side, is a treat to the eyes. The wood inlay rings promise more of nature close to your body with the classy shine of tungsten on the fingers.

Carbon fiber tungsten rings

These are rings made of tungsten with carbon fiber embedded in them for a different look and style. The pattern and texture delivered through the carbon fiber creates a nice look that is smart and different.

When do you choose tungsten rings?

When you invest wisely, do a gala research on the choices of jewelry in your budget, and read well about things, while surfing through jewelry galleries online, you take smart decisions. A tungsten ring always is a symbol of a wise decision, where you invest wise, choose better, and enjoy the jewelry for life. And with the wide range of online jewelry shops now available with their offers and stocks of so many ring styles, you always have more choices than you think.

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