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Watch This Soon To Be Granddad Jump Like A 5-Year-Old (VIDEO)

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What do you think would make a man jump up to the high ceilings like a 5-year-old on a bouncy castle?

Well, this one man is so stoked about being a granddad that he couldn’t quite contain his joy when he found out his daughter is pregnant and that he would soon become a granddad.

The expectant couple, Justin Hall and his wife hid a camera in the house in anticipation of his in-law’s reaction to the good news. The soon to be grandparents entered a room in their house to see baby clothes hanging on the wall with a sign in the middle that read “Baby Hall 4-27-14.” After their initial confusion, their reaction afterwards was…priceless.

The soon to be grandma asked her daughter “Are you pregnant?” before proceeding to jump around in pure delight while her husband remained much more confused and a lot less emotional.

His countenance however changed after his wife left the room and he jumped up in pure ecstatic joy.

“I found it funny how he looked around to make sure there wasn’t a camera before jumping like a 5-year-old getting a puppy,” Hall wrote on YouTube.

Although the video was posted on YouTube in September 2013, it was recently revived and started trending again.

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