Top 5 Website Development Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Top 5 Website Development Trends To Look Out For In 2019

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on December 15, 2018
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2018 has been an exciting time for web design and development. They change the pattern from time to time and staying current on these trends is crucial for the success of any web designer or developer. Anything that is new today can become outdated and old-fashioned overnight.

So what were the most prominent web design and development trends of 2018, and what will be big in 2019? Here are the top web design and development trends of 2018-19.

1.    Micro-interactions

With the rise in the use of devices like smartphones, the need to design mobile-friendly websites is becoming essential. Micro-interaction is what you get any time you make a little action online, and you get a particular type of response. This function creates an affair that is enticing. When you log into your Facebook account, the red icon showing the number of notification and message is a micro-interaction. And you can also see this when you refresh your Twitter page and hear a beep sound.

In 2018, web pages also significantly hallmark more interactive incarnations like scrolling animations option, hover functions or chimes features and much more. It is a way to make your web pages feel a little more intelligent and quietly move information to users about usage on the web page and their respective actions.

web development and design trends of 2018 and 2019

2.    Asymmetrical Layouts

This option is having a lasting effect in the industry in a significant way. Despite the persuasion from several designers towards minimalist design, there are also a large number of web designers urging for a fresher and strong look asymmetrical layouts. This design refers to the grid system that has been used for several years on all types of arrangements.

A grid system gives designers more control on accuracy and alignment when adding contents like headlines, photos, CTO and more to anything they are working on.

It also retains the design of the grid in the concealing layout while as well as keeping control of the symmetry. Now that you have got the fundamental principles, you are free to experiment with networks and designs, using asymmetrical layout and unanticipated changes as a way to get users more engaged.

3.    Brilliant Color Schemes

Next up is brilliant color schemes. While color schemes have been around for a while, we see this feature been used more by web designers. Due to the successful implementation of Material Design and what this allows you to do with bright and vibrant colors in a controlled setting. This year, web designers have become more adventurous with color schemes. And 2019 will see them experiment with it even further.

Also, advances in technology lead to higher quality screen displays, and devices such as smartphones now come with Quad HD – this is capable of displaying increasingly bright and brilliant colors.

4.    Material Design CSS Framework

When it comes to web development services, material design CSS framework is one of the top trends in 2018. It is an open source structure which works on user experience by combining freshness and clarity of flat design with the real world using motion to build a link between the real world and web design.

The user experience framework regulates the execution and looks of each user’s element on the website. It is also suitable with any browser and takes care of custom element, fundamental styling, and alterations to give a better UX.

5.    Chatbots

This feature has been around for a while, and now it has finally moved into the center stage in 2018, and it will continue to stay that way. Chatbots boom is mostly due to the advancements in machine learning and AI, making it smarter. A chatbot is a communication interface that communicates with the users. It does not only understand commands you give to it but recognize language and gets more intelligent after interacting with users for a more extended period.

The new chatbots keep showing up on the web pages with a high level of customization. Bright colors do not only make them more significant on the webpage but more alluring. In 2019, we also predict an increase in friendly mascots which represents companies and give chatbots a personable face.


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