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How I Went From Homeless To $400 Million Networth – Tyler Perry Reveals The Simple Truth (CLICK)

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If success were easy to obtain, everyone on Earth would be successful. Nobody knows that better than Mr. Tyler Perry himself.  Perry is an entrepreneur who is known all over the world for his hilarious and talented plays and even for his numerous TV sitcoms. What most people don’t know is that for many years before his success on stage, Tyler Perry struggled to get his works noticed and was even at some point. The main question people have for him is if he struggled that hard and for that long, how in the world did he become successful in the first place?

When Tyler Perry explains in numerous interviews of where his success stemmed from, it is often cut out of the interview and never mentioned. However, the key to Tyler Perry’s success and to everyone’s own success in general is what he states as, “Nothing but the grace of God.” Tyler Perry explains that success and hard work is similar to that of a seed. You plant the seed in the ground and water it to make it grow. However, no matter how often you water the seed, you cannot control the weather, the sun or even insects that could come and potentially destroy the seed. You hope that one day that the seed will sprout and grow into a plant, or in the case of success, that you work hard and hope something better comes your way.

Tyler Perry also goes on to state that when he first began producing plays, he failed over and over again but hung on to the hope that God was watching over him and that would one day bring something better in his direction. Low and behold he soon became famous from his works. When it comes to success, the main key to making it happen is to have hope and to never give up on what your dream is to do in life.

What do you think?  While Perry gives credit to God for his success, a lot of people would also point to his relentless and consistent work ethic.  The video of Perry’s explanation is below if you’d like to watch.   The Financial Juneteenth lesson?  There are certainly factors that are out of your control or in the control of a higher power.  But if you want to be successful, you can’t let the higher power do all the work.  In order to get the blessings you deserve, you have to work hard to ensure that you’ve stacked the odds in your favor.  The hardest working people tend to be blessed more than anyone.

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