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Who Is Controlling What You See On Your Computer?

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]omputers are a huge part of the modern world. Our society primarily functions online. In earlier years, it was common for excited and new computer users to talk about the many servers and internet providers they tried. But in 2020, things have settled down and a few major companies have settled in and are the major players in the market. Of those providers, Google is everywhere.

No one would disagree that Google is king. The power that Google has over internet users is incredible. As you will soon see, staying in line with Google’s rules as a user, a website owner, and a marketing company is critical to your brand. This is only the beginning. Going further one will see Google will require allegiance to their video searches and platforms and video searching sites.

Web Searches

Consider this. When a company has published its website on the internet, they are careful to use the proper SEO keywords to rate with Google in order to rank highly on the Google search page. It must be updated often, and it should be linked with other sites that are equally connected to Google. There is a priority algorithm in place that predetermines what the people will see. It has been there long enough and it is powerful enough that people expect to see it. It is immaterial if they want to rank highly on Google or not. Their advertisers, sponsors, and clients want to rank highly on Google, so they have little choice. Not ranking highly on Google means being buried in pages of sheets that will never be seen. There are other big-name search engines that are in use, but they do not have any effect on the power of Google.

Video Searches

At this time YouTube seems to be taking a page from Google’s book as far as taking all the video action, and it is not fair. People have a right to see all the videos that are there. Google automatically pulls up YouTube videos when you search for something. They are at the top of every search page. But, are they better than other videos that are available? Does the public know there are others out there? Possibly not. Would it surprise you to know that Google owns YouTube?

Petey Vid

Petey Vid is a video search engine. They know how difficult it is to be noticed on the Internet. Petey Vid’s provides full access to more than 460 million videos that range 60+ platforms and in every language. They are providing the internet user an unbiased, equal chance of getting the content they want. If the user likes Youtube, that’s great. But if they want more… Petey Vid is perfect for this.

As time goes by people complain more and more about videos that are censored by YouTube and Google flagging sites for errors and making it very difficult to get them reinstated. Maybe it is time for all of us to ask for equality. After all, it is our money that pays for the internet.

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