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Why Did The APC Need To Resort To Juvenile Photoshop Tricks About Buhari? [LOOK]

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If Nigeria was a real nation, and if the APC was not just another pretend-party, Nigerians would be treated with respect and appropriate officials hauled before the nation to explain the truth about what is truly going on with Buhari and the APC.

There would be robust rebuttals of Mr. Mukhtar Alex Dan’Iyan’s serious allegations and assertions that the APC is using photoshopped software and lies to hide the reality of Buhari’s whereabouts and health status. The truth is that the APC is taking her followers for granted, disrespecting millions of people who look up to her for real leadership.

Nigerians deserve better. In particular millions of beautiful Nigerian youths who hanker for, yearn for, and deserve a joyful present and future, who believe in the APC deserve to be treated with respect. They have stood by the APC through thick and thin. The APC should man up and tell the truth to these youths. Is @MrAyedee lying? Why did the APC need to resort to juvenile photoshop tricks, why?

buhari photoshop

Nothing will happen of course, nothing. The APC will wait it out because in the long run, Nigerians soon lose interest. Finally, in the absence of structures of accountability, intellectual dishonesty exaggerates and aggravates a nation’s dysfunction. Our intellectuals have failed our children. And I include myself in that army of failed intellectuals whose children and families are safely away from the scene of our crimes.
In case you missed it, here are @MrAyedee’s damning tweets? The APC should respond. It is the right thing to do.

Better yet, go on @MrAyeDee’s timeline on Twitter and see the pictures for yourself. The APC has ruined a time-tested Yoruba parable: Pictures don’t lie! Ha!

Ikhide Ikheloa is a writer and literary critic. He tweets from @ikhide

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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