Why You Should Think Twice Before Login To A Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

Why You Should Think Twice Before Login To A Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

By Ima Matthew | Sub Editor on March 18, 2018
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Many of us now take our portable devices away with us when we go on holiday whether that is our smartphone, laptop or tablet, one of the first things we do is find out what the hotels Wi-Fi password is and logged in to let everyone know that you have arrived safely and how wonderful it all is.

Unfortunately, a report carried out by the American Today Show has raised concerns about the safety of your personal information when you are using the WIFI at your hotel, which when you begin to think of it and what that would imply could actually ruin many peoples’ time away as part of their holiday is documenting it online whilst keeping in touch with family and friends via social media.

Apparently, a Sun journalist called Jeff Rossen, worked with a security expert to set up fake WIFI hotspots at a hotel in Cancun, México. This was done to find out just how easy it is to steal the personal information from the guests staying there.

Firstly, the pair conned the guests by setting up the fake WIFI hotspot using a name very similar to the official hotspots, and worryingly they were able to see transactions, banking info and flight information when anyone logged on.

The implications of this runs much further than those on their vacation as business is carried out by many staying at hotels, and if they happen to be using a company computer using an unofficial WIFI source?

Staying safety savvy is vital in today’s society, and many online sites have gone that extra mile in order to keep their users’ personal information private and confidential.

None so more than the gambling industry, which will surprise some people, as gambling used to have a negative stigma. In fact, it was that very stigma that led to strict rules and regulations surrounding the gambling industry as a whole.

So now we can enjoy safe online casino sites, safe bingo sites, and all the associated banking methods necessary to make a deposit are also secure.

Sadly, it seems we now have to consider making extra sure that the WIFI connection we are using when away is also the official one, but when you consider what the other option is, it’s not such a great inconvenience.


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