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Lagos Gov’t Takes Custody Of 3-Year-Old Twins Mother Filmed In Homosexual Acts

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Patience Isua, a woman, has lost custody of her three-year-old twin boys after she had a video record of them kissing, practising homosexuality and sent the footage to their father, Emmanuel Ikanta.

The children were taken from her Ajah, Lagos residence when her estranged husband complained at the Lagos State police command.

Ikanta had brought the footage to the notice of Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, who led officials of the state Ministry of Women Affairs to the woman’s residence on Tuesday night.

According to Isua, she recorded and sent the videos to her husband so that he would take her seriously. She said she usually told him the kids exhibited strange behaviours each time they returned from his home, but he would hang up on her after saying “and so what?”

The woman said Ikanta left her last year and was living with a strange woman, who she alleged was corrupting her kids to spite her.

Asked by Edgal who made the video of the sexual encounter between their kids, Isua said: “Yes I took the video myself.

He was not around when I sent it to him. My children stay with me and they stay with him as well. He comes to pick the children to wherever he is staying.

“We have been living apart since last year that he took me to human rights office. It was agreed that he should have 12 hours with the kids at weekends but he did not stick to the agreement.

Sometimes, he took them with him for many days and when they came back, they usually exhibited strange behaviours.

“Somebody trained my boys to practice such devilish act. This is an abuse, which I do not know who trained them to be like this. Before I saw them and recorded the video, I had told their father that whenever they came back from his house, they usually complained of pain.

“There were signs before it got to this stage. I don’t know where he takes them to and what they are fed. Most times they come back stooling blood or complaining of pains in their anus. I called his attention to it but he didn’t listen. This is what has been killing me silently.

“I told him his children would come back from where he takes them to and they would sit on the chair and start saying mummy, daddy kiss. So, when I saw them that day, I had to video and send to him so that he would see the damage he was causing to our kids.

He now turned the whole thing around and want to blame me. Whereas, I told him to stop taking my kids where he usually took them.

“I know they picked up the habit where he usually took them to because in my house, they do not have access to television and they do not go out. I only take them to school and church. I leave with my sister, who goes to work and comes back late. So, it is certainly not in my house that they saw such devilish act.”

Asked the action she took after she saw her kids practicing homosexuality, Isua said she performed deliverance on them and also told her pastor, who prayed for them.The kids’ father denied the allegations, insisting that she neither told him or showed him anything until the day she sent the video.

“I was surprised when she sent me that video. I never imagined such a thing would happen. So, you took your time to video this without you shouting at them to stop and you said you wanted to send it to me?” He queried.

Edgal, who addressed both parents, said: “This is a very serious act and as a mother you see your children and your response was to video it? Now apart from you videoing this, what other actions did you take? Who did you report to?

“Having discussed it with experts and also officials from the youths and social development, we are of the opinion that we cannot entrust these children to your care for now until we understand exactly what is going on. We would entrust the children to the ministry.

That is why they are here. They have shelters that are approved by the government and these shelters are purposely built for purposes such as this to ensure that children are protected by the state when the need arises.

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