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Woman Records Video Of Police Officer Raping Her In Her Home (PICTURED)

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A parole officer is alleged to have raped a woman who refused to engage in intercourse with him even after he threatened that if she didn’t give in, he would take her back to prison.

But now, the evidence is coming from the victim. Knowing how cops handle matters, especially matters involving a fellow officer, she decided to record the rape using her cellphone so police officers would believe her.

Zachary Thomas Bailey
Zachary Thomas Bailey

The parole officer, Zachary Thomas Bailey, is reported to have gone to the woman’s home, claiming he was there to carry out a study of her home in Coral Springs. The 50-year-old policeman then blocked her in her bedroom and inappropriately touched her genitals.

Bailey may have thought that he got away with the act, and so he returned to the woman’s house the following day asking her for a massage. The victim refused, which prompted Bailey to undress, put on a condom, and then sexually assault the woman.

It was reported that in both assault incidences, the victim’s daughter was in the next room.

“The video is extremely explicit,” said the woman’s attorney, Bradford Cohen. “It actually shows what her accusations are.”

“The victim said, ‘This is rape. This is rape. I don’t want you to do this,’” said Coral Springs Police Lt. Joe McCue after having a look at the video. “Unfortunately, she was in fear that if she reported this, he would violate her probation and put her back in jail.”

A condom believed to have been used by the victim was found in the room. As investigations continue, the police have secured both the video and the condom as part of the evidence.

“This is someone who is hired to protect you,” said McCue, “and you don’t expect your probation officer to be acting in this manner.”

Bailey has since been fired and was arrested and charged with 2 sexual battery charges. He has been attached to the Florida Department of Corrections for more than 25 years.

Besides other investigations, the police have also urged anyone who may have been subjected to a similar experience by the officer to report to them.

“At this time, we’re really uncertain if there are additional victims out there or not. However, if there are additional victims, you need to go to the authorities,” said McCue. “Don’t be afraid your probation is going to be violated. It’s very important that you come forward.”

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