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Wow! Bill Clinton ‘Had A Year-Long Affair’ With British Model Liz Hurley? (DETAILS)

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Elizabeth Hurley and former US President Bill Clinton had a year-long affair, a US report has claimed.

According to US website Radaronline.com, Clinton broke off the affair with the British model and actress when he feared he was falling in love with her.

bill clinton liz hurley

Bill Clinton and Liz Hurley
The claims surfaced after Liz’s former boyfriend, actor Tom Sizemore, was caught on tape revealing he had arranged secret trysts between the then President and Hurley.

> LISTEN to the full recording here

According to Sizemore, Clinton asked to be introduced to Liz at a 1998 movie premiere and also alleges that he once sent a private jet to fly the actress to Washington DC.

Clinton’s torrid personal life has always caused as much attention as his undoubted political skills.

His initial campaign for the White House back in the early 1990s was nearly derailed when his affair with Gennifer Flowers came to light.

His wife Hillary Clinton went on the attack, accusing Republicans of sabotaging her husband’s presidential campaign, famously saying on television, ‘I’m not some kind of Tammy Wynette figure, standing by my man. I love him. I respect him.”

bill clinton hilary clinton

Clinton with wife Hillary
Hillary was not quite so vocal when Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky came to light during his time in office. The president narrowly avoided impeachment after he swore “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” but later admitted to inappropriate behaviour when pressed by Kenneth Starr and his team.

bill clinton monica lewinsky

Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was front page news in 1999
Since leaving the White House in 2001, Bill Clinton has kept a much lower profile in personal terms, while his Clinton Foundation has been a huge success. His wife, meanwhile, has stepped to the front of the stage, firstly as a rival to Barack Obama in 2008, and then as his very impressive Secretary of State.

The question remains over whether Hillary will be running for the White House herself in 2016.

Liz’s longest romance to date has been with Hugh Grant. It was when she first turned up on the red carpet for his ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ première in 1994 that she set jaws dropping in her Versace dress, kept together only with safety pins.

liz hurley hugh grant

Liz with Hugh Grant in 1994
Although their relationship foundered soon after he was caught with a prostitute Divine Brown in Los Angeles, they have remained best of friends, and he is godfather to Liz’s son Damien.

Liz had a taste of romantic humiliation at the hands of American billionaire Steve Bing.

When Liz fell pregnant with her son Damien, saying he was the father, Bing went on record to question the paternity, explaining, “We were not in an exclusive relationship.”

Although Bing was later proven to be Damien’s father, Liz retreated to the UK to bring up Damien as a single mother, with the help of loving godfathers Hugh Grant and Elton John.

Liz was married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar in 2007, when she enjoyed an enormous traditional Indian wedding and later bought a country house, but the pair split in 2011.

arun nayar liz hurley

Liz with ex husband Arun Nayar
Her latest love was Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, with whom she enjoyed a long-distance relationship, including a brief engagement. Although Liz was credited with reshaping Shane’s larrikin image and giving him a dramatic makeover, the pair went their separate ways late last year, with Liz taking to Twitter to express her sadness.

liz hurley shane warne

Liz ended her romance with cricketer Shane Warne last year
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