Tips for Writing Essays and Exam Preparation

Tips for Writing Essays and Exam Preparation

By Edikan Uko | Op-Ed Contributor on December 26, 2017
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Need to write an essay or have an exam quite soon? With our powerful tips, you will be able to succeed with these assignments.

Healthy Studying Tips: Writing Essays And Exam Preparation 

While in college, students are expected to be well prepared for their exams. However, due to the freedom that comes with being in college, some tend to ignore the fact that they have to dedicate much of their time to their studies. This leads to poor grades and immensely affects their overall performance. Time management is a factor a majority students do not know how to handle. Many presume that there is a lot of time to spare for their assignments as well as for preparing for exams. However, little do they know that time flies fast and they later come to realize that time wasted is never recovered.

Tips for Writing an Essay

Essay writing is a task every student is expected to be knowledgeable equipped to handle. Being part of their academics, they cannot choose to neglect it. Essays ought to be submitted before the deadline. However, there are some students who have adapted to the tendency of writing their papers when the dates are due and forward poorly written articles. This is because some are lazy, others use much of their time to procrastinate while some do part time jobs. Some presume it is a challenging task. It is essential to have your paper delivered before the set deadline so as to avoid feeling pressurized with the need of writing a good essay. Additionally, this helps you have enough time to focus on your studies as well as enjoy yourself.

Some students seek assistance from essay writing companies. It can be helpful; however, it is essential for any student to write their own essays since it will help them find their areas of difficulty. Moreover, it will help them comprehend how to write different types of papers. To avoid writing your essays at the last minute, writers at Essay Zoo recommend the following tips for students:

  • Plan your writing. To handle your paper easily, you ought to plan your writing. Ensure that you have conducted ample research to understand what is required in your paper. Moreover, ensure that the time you have dedicated to writing your essay is enough. Finally, ensure that you have outlined a structure for your essay. This helps to simplify the writing process.
  • Do not wait until last minute. Strive to ensure that you have enough time to write your essay. Managing your time can be quite a challenge since you want to enjoy yourself as well as dedicate some to your studies. It is fundamental to complete your assignments before time in order to get it over with them. This removes a load over your shoulders and allows you to have enough time to do other things.
  • Essay writing may pose a challenge to many students. This may lead to many resorting to last-minute writing hence delivering poorly written papers. You can always find some paper writing company which is willing to help. Additionally, you may review some essay samples to grasp the understanding of how to write a paper on the given topic.
Tips for Exam Preparation

Conversely, students ought to be well prepared for their exams. This reflects greatly on their overall performance. Having presumed that there is still time to prepare yourself, many students usually end up feeling pressurized when the exams approach yet they have not studied. Some waste a lot of time doing things which do not have a positive impact on their lives. Studying till late in the night will make you encounter some challenges while in the exam room. Due to lacking enough sleep, focusing on your paper will be rather difficult hence you may just do it in a hurry in order to get some rest. Additionally, you may find it hard to grasp anything since you are struggling to memorize a lot. Despite the hardships encountered while studying during the last minute, there are interesting methods or techniques which come in handy and indeed prove to be effective while preparing for exams. Some of these methods include:

  • Set priorities. To make it in life, one has to have objectives to meet. This helps you never give up easily and strive to do your best whenever things seem to go awry. Ensure that you set your priorities straight and aim at having them achieved. Having set a goal you want to achieve enables you to stay strong and work hard to attain it.
  • Plan yourself. Many students fail to plan themselves. Lacking a schedule makes you have too much on your plate. Many of your activities seem to clash hence you may choose to neglect some which might rather be important to you. Create a schedule which you will stick to and follow. This helps you have enough time for your studies as well as other activities.
  • Have enough sleep. Many students tend not to sleep especially when exams are around the corner. They believe that sleeping is a waste of their time. Having enough sleep enables you to get enough rest from the day’s activities and wake up feeling refreshed to tackle another day.
  • Eat well. Avoid eating junk foods. This makes you feel exhausted most of the time and may find it hard to study. Ensure you have healthy meals to keep your body fully energized. This will help you stay up for long hours as well as
  • Exercise regularly. Taking regular exercises helps refresh your mind and body. This allows you to grasp much easier since you feel you are in the mood for studying.
Final notes

In conclusion, while many students strive to do their best in order to succeed, some lag behind and end up opting for last-minute opportunities. This is not good for their health and their academic progress as well. However, the above tips seek to offer them the ideal means to avoid writing essays and preparing for exams at the last minute.

Edikan Uko is a business strategist and human capital management professional. She tweets from @EdikanUko


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