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Yoruba Movie Actress Mariam Muftaudeen Accuses MC Oluomo of Threats to Life, Neglect

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LAGOS, Nigeria – Yoruba actress Mariam Muftaudeen, popularly known as Omo VC, has publicly accused Musiliu Akinsanya, better known as MC Oluomo, the chairman of Lagos State Park Management, of threatening her and their daughter’s lives.

Ms Muftaudeen’s allegations have surfaced through an open letter to the popular political thug shared on her official Instagram page, shedding light on a personal crisis that has escalated into a public outcry.

MC Oluomo, Mariam Muftaudeen, and Zeenat.
MC Oluomo, Mariam Muftaudeen, and Zeenat | YouTube

According to Muftaudeen, her relationship with MC Oluomo, a figure with substantial influence in Lagos due to his ties with Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu, has taken a perilous turn.

The actress claims the welfare of their daughter, Zeenat Abebi, has been grossly neglected by Akinsanya, further alleging that attempts to reconcile and hold him accountable have been met with threats and intimidation.


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“The last time I took my daughter to MC Oluomo’s home, he ordered his security men to shoot at me,” Muftaudeen claimed in her post.

According to the actress, her fear for her safety and that of her daughter prompted her to seek public support to hold Akinsanya accountable should anything happen to them.

Efforts to address these concerns through legal means have reportedly fallen flat, with Muftaudeen suggesting that the judiciary shied away from taking on her case.

“All effort to go legal proved abortive because those I even believe their chamber would be respected are jittery. They back out of the case even before it commence,” she explained, highlighting the challenges she faces in seeking justice.

Muftaudeen’s call for MC Oluomo to take responsibility for their daughter’s welfare is coupled with a plea for him to desist from endangering her life, her daughter’s, and that of her fiancé.

She disputes MC Oluomo’s claim of having provided financial support, countering allegations of receiving N20 million from him and stating that only a minimal contribution was made towards their daughter’s upkeep.

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