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10 Big Turn-Offs For Guys Girls Often Overlook, But Shouldn’t  

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Just when you think you’ve got the guy sussed, you find out that there is a whole list of things that can turn a man off that you didn’t know about. Some turn-offs for men are pretty obvious, like a strong whiff of BO! Others, though, might come as a bit of a surprise, so read on and find out what the top ten turn-offs for guys really are.

1. Turning up late for a date

Men love it that you take the time to look great for them, but, not when that means being late for a date. Most guys are a stickler for punctuality, so leave yourself plenty of time to get ready, and don’t leave them hanging around.

2. Overdoing it with makeup 

Makeup can look absolutely beautiful, and this is how it should be, but when you go overboard with ‘enhancing your beauty’, hoping to impress your crush and make him fall head over heels in love with you, it can actually produce an opposite effect. According to multiple surveys, guys prefer ladies with natural makeup, as opposed to heavy and cakey one.

3. Too much perfume

A man wants to be intoxicated by your beauty, but not to be overcome by the fumes! Go light on the perfume, because a faint suggestion of the scent is far more attractive, than a sensory overload!

4. Gossiping

Gossiping won’t endear you to a man either. While a good gossip might be your idea of a great night’s entertainment, it won’t interest him at all. It will also put you in a bad light, in his eyes and he might think that you can’t be trusted with secrets.

5. Bad attitude and masculinity 

Most men like their girls to be ladies and they don’t appreciate rudeness in a woman. Don’t give everyone a hard time and don’t use too much of bad language. You won’t turn him on by being one of the boys.

6. Very long fingernails

Extremely long finger nails hurt and they can actually look quite creepy. Men prefer the more natural look of neatly trimmed and well cared for nails, not excessively long ones. Very long fingernails also suggest that you spend more time looking after your appearance, than you do doing anything constructive with your hands.

7. Extreme fashion

Most guys won’t feel comfortable being seen out with a girl in outlandish outfits. Everyone has a right to express their individuality, but tone things down when you are out with a guy, at least until he gets to know you better.

8. Trying to make him change

He wants you to like him for who is, so don’t go trying to make him change. If you start telling him how to dress and how to behave, he’s going to think that he’s not good enough for you and that you’d be better off with someone else.

9. Talking about your ex too much

Guys hate it when you talk about your ex. They really don’t want to know about your past lovers, what you did together and where you used to go. If you are still so hung up about your ex, then go back with your ex and give this other guy a break!

10. Being too clingy 

Our final big turn-off for guys is a girl that appears too desperate. Showing a bit of commitment is fine, but he doesn’t want you hanging on his arm 24/7! Men like women to have their interests and to have a life of their own, and they usually don’t like it, when it feels like a girl is reliant on them for absolutely everything.

Do you know other turn-offs for guys that girls often overlook?

Stay happy!

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