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You’ve Found Your Mr Right, If These 10 Things Happen Naturally

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How do you know you found your soulmate? If you’ve dated someone special, but you’re still not sure if he’s the one, then stop trying to overanalyse things, because things will just happen naturally. You can’t force the pace of love and you can’t make someone love you, but, often, Mr Right is standing right in front of your eyes, you just haven’t realised it yet. Here are ten things that will just happen naturally, if you have found your Mr Right.

1. Silence isn’t a problem

When you are with Mr Right there is no such thing as an awkward silence, but there could well be comfortable ones. Neither of you will feel that there is a need, anymore, to fill pauses in conversation with unnecessary words, you are perfectly happy just being together.

2. You share your innermost secrets with him

When you find yourself thinking: ‘Hey, I never told anyone that before’, then that is a sign that you have found Mr Right. Then you know that you have found someone that you can trust implicitly and you are happy sharing anything with them.

3. He knows and understands you better than anyone else

Mr Right, will be the guy that not only knows you, he understands you very well too. Not only will he know what your favourite foods are and the places you like to go, but he will also instinctively know and feel when you are unhappy, and he will want to do something to fix that.

4. You can be yourself around him

You can relax around your Mr Right and you won’t feel the need to play act, or even look your best all the time for him. You won’t be horrified, when you wake up to a bad hair day anymore, because you know that he loves you, for who you are.

5. You feel safe and secure next to him

You don’t doubt this guy at all. You are more than happy to show your vulnerable side to him and you are confident that he will care for you and protect you. The ideal relationship is one where both sides feel loved and protected and they know that their partner would never harm them or hurt their feelings, in any way at all.

6. He makes you feel like a better person

Mr Right motivates you to be the best that you can possibly be. He wants to you to succeed and he wants you to be happy. When he’s around, it makes you try even harder to be a better person, because he makes you feel good about yourself and supports you in all your endeavors.

7. You are a priority in his life

When things are just right, you will know, because he will start making you his number one priority. He will never let you down and you will always come first. You will also be included in his plans for the future and he will ask what your dreams and goals are too.

8. He doesn’t play games with your heart

You will know exactly where you are with Mr Right and there won’t be any games being played. He will turn up when he says he will, he won’t fool around, and you will know that he will always keep his word. Things will be all very straight forward and honest between you.

9. He makes you feel like a lady

The perfect guy for you will also be one who knows how to treat you like a lady. He will make you feel special and he will always treat you with the utmost respect. Each man does this in their own way, but you will know it, when you see it!

10. You are happy!

The biggest sign of all, that you have found your Mr Right, is that you will find that you are happy all the time. Whatever may happen to bring you down, you don’t really care anymore, because later in the day you are going to be with him. When you find a man who can chase away your blues, then you know that you have found The One who is right for you.

How do you know you found your soulmate?

Stay happy!

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