10 Creative And Fun Engagement Photo Ideas

10 Creative And Fun Engagement Photo Ideas

By Beauty And Tips on June 2, 2015
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Getting engaged is a big moment in anyone’s life. It’s the very first time that you fully commit to another person and say that big YES, I do want to marry you and live the rest of my life with you.

As it’s such an important moment, you really should capture it, and keep it, so that in years to come, you will have a record of the momentous day so that you, your partner and, perhaps one day your children, will be able look back on it.

To help you make your engagement photos that little bit extra special, here are ten fun and creative engagement photo ideas for you to get inspiration from.

1. Add a sign to your photo

You can add a bit of fun to an engagement photo with a sign that declares your love for one another, or that announces your engagement to the world. Having a photo with the two of you holding a sign that says: “We just got engaged” or “Love is all you need” will make it clear to everyone what had just happened on this day in your history.

2. Include your hobbies

Do you share a hobby, or does one of you love doing something creative, or unique. Incorporating something into your engagement photo that is, uniquely you, will make the picture even more personal to you and, in years to come, it will serve as a reminder of the things that you used to enjoy doing to together.

3. Give it a vintage feel

Another one of creative engagement photo ideas is to give your engagement photos a real nostalgic look by wearing vintage clothes and choosing a setting that would remind people of years gone by. Something that will make other people think of their first love and their teenage years, and a time when, perhaps, love and life were a whole lot simpler.

4. Use flowers

Flowers can also be a part of creative engagement photo ideas. Engagement photos taken outdoors in the countryside always look good and, if you incorporate flowers, for a bit of colour, then that’s all the better. An image of the two of you sitting a field of wild beautiful flowers, or of him handing her a bouquet, would look great.

5. Don’t leave out your pets

Your pets too are a part of your life right now, so don’t leave them out of your engagement photos. Especially, if you have a cute puppy dog, that would make the perfect addition to the image of your engagement.

6. Bring on the colour

This is a happy, joyous occasion, so make sure you have plenty of colour and fun in your photo. One way to do this, if you don’t mind the mess, would be to stage a paint war between the two of you and cover yourselves in colour.

7. Have a picnic

Picnic is another one of cute and creative engagement photo ideas. A picnic photo shoot for an engagement always looks so romantic! Just the two of you can sit in field together on a colourful blanket, surrounded by all your favourite goodies and a glass of champagne in your hands. It’ll make people wish they had been there to witness the happy event.

8. Surround yourself with architecture

Next one of great and creative engagement photo ideas is to surround yourself with architecture. If you are lucky enough to live in a city that has a famous landmark, then that can make the ideal location for an engagement photo. Using architecture to create a dramatic backdrop will add creativity to your photo and it will remind you of where you were when you got engaged. Get up very early in the morning, and arrive before all the crowds, and you will be able to make your engagement photo even more personal.

9. Revisit your childhood

If you have a special place that you loved as a child, then that too can be a great location for an engagement photo. Go back to your old school, or a place where you used to play and it will provide a record of how you grew up and then you got engaged.

10. Stay at home

Sometimes, the very best location for an engagement photo is your own home. After all, you lived there together, you loved there together and you got engaged to each other there. At some point in time, you won’t live there any longer, but now you will have a permanent reminder of that place where it all begun.

Do you have other creative engagement photo ideas?

Stay happy!

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