10 Cute Ways To Spend A Great Evening With Your Boyfriend

10 Cute Ways To Spend A Great Evening With Your Boyfriend

By Beauty And Tips on December 27, 2014
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There’s probably nothing more wonderful than being in love and having that love returned. First dates can be a bit scary, until you get to know each other better, but then you get to live together, you get used to each other and sometimes, with time, romance seems to fade into the background. Here are ten ideas on how to liven things up a bit and spend a cute night together. Some are suitable for “older” couples, others work for new ones too.

1. Go back in time

Try to forget your phones, tablets, and laptops for one night. Turn them all off and have a digital-free dinner, then play a board game. How long has it been since you sat down for a board game?

2. Clear out a drawer 

No joke. There’s at least one in every house, a drawer full of objects you’ve tossed there at some point or another and can’t get to throw them away because each of these objects reminds you of something or might come in handy in 20 years. Just empty the drawer on the floor and take a bit of time to reminisce. You might even found the courage to actually throw these things away.

3. Cook together

That’s more suitable for new couples – cooking together is a great way to find out more about the person next to you. Plus it can be huge fun, while you make your favourite dishes. Older couples tend to take cooking as “part of the job” but even so, you probably don’t cook together every day.

4. Go buy some books

How long since you went into a bookshop? Why not make a short tour of the nearest one on a Saturday afternoon? Bookshops are not the usual place for a couple, and that’s exactly why you should go, to do something different than dinner out or a movie.

5. Set up a competition

There are few things that can liven up an otherwise boring weekend like an improvised pizza-eating contest between the two of you. Don’t get too ambitious, though, overeating can be just as bad as drinking too much and that would spoil the fun. Think of a prize for the winner.

6. Challenge him to a video game

That would only work if you’re both into video games, it’s true, but it’s still a great way to spend a nice, cozy evening together, if work and other responsibilities are making it a rare occurrence. If you’re not a gamer, think of something else that you both like doing on your own and just do it together this time.

7. Organise a tasting event at home

Just for you two, of course. Whether it’s wine or beer you prefer, set up a tasting session. If you’re not into that, be flexible — taste desserts, for example. Trying new things together and exchanging impressions is a great way to spend your free time and have fun as a couple.

8. Make Your Playlist 

That’s for older couples, perhaps. Sit down together and make a playlist of all the songs that you love as a couple. In the process, you’ll remember when you first heard one or another of these songs. Sharing memories like that is so cute.

9. Plan your perfect home

You can even draw a blueprint, even if you’re not an architect. Planning for the future, talking about your dreams as a couple is one of the best possible ways to spend a quiet evening at home, even if you get too bold and start dreaming up impossible things. Even better, actually! Unleash your imagination.

10. Good old movie marathon

Get all your favourite movies and start a marathon. That means favourite to both of you, by the way. In case you’re a new couple, the movie marathon would work as well, as you share your favourite flicks with each other.

What do you do for romantic evenings?

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