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10 Differences Between Those Who Like You, And The One Who Will Keep You

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Some people say that there are two types of guys: there are the ones you date, and the ones you marry, and they are two very different species indeed.  There’s nothing wrong with dating a guy, just because he’s cool, hot or rich! Everyone deserves some fun sometimes, but don’t get the two types of guys mixed up though, or you can get hurt. Here are ten of the differences that show whether a guy just likes you, or if he’s the type who will keep you:

1. The man who will keep you says ‘I love you’ and means it

A man who likes you will say ‘I love you’, because it will keep you sweet and make you stay around for a little longer, but a man who will keep you will say these three words, because he really means it.

2. The keeper will want to grow old with you

Here is another tip on how to know a man loves you: a guy who wants to keep you, will know that you are the person that he wants to grow old with. A man who just wants to hook up for a while would dump you, if you took some weight or started to look any older!

3. The man who will stay around will love your flaws

How to know a man loves you? A man who is a keeper will love you for everything that you are, including your flaws. The men who are looking for a fun date, for a while, won’t even try to get to know you well enough to even notice your flaws.

4. The man who will keep you will, at least, discuss kids and marriage

The man who has no intention of the relationship getting serious will tell you that he would never, ever, ever settle down and have kids. The man who will keep you will, at least, be prepared to discuss it, think about it and say ‘yes, one day’.

5. A keeper will not always be thinking about the bedroom

Someone who is getting serious will be quite happy just hanging out with you, watching a movie or just talking. The guy that will never be more than a date will think that the sole purpose of hanging out together is to end up in bed.

6. A man who you could marry will always be there for you

A man who really cares about you will be there whenever you need help, because he wants to be. A man who just likes you, will only call when he needs or wants something from you.

7. A keeper will listen to what you have to say

The guy who will never be more than a short term boyfriend will always tell you what you want to hear, but a man who wants to be around for a while will carefully listen to what you have to say and, of course, respect your opinions.

8. A man who really loves you will always show you respect

Another tip on how to know a man loves you is to see whether he treats you with respect. The kind of guy that you might eventually marry will always treat you with kindness and care, he will treat you like a lady. He will always fight fair and never resort to hurtful name calling, but a man who is not thinking about a future with you will just want to win, by whatever means that it takes.

9. A guy who is looking for more than a fling will really care

A keeper will come around when you are sick, and not care how you look. A guy who just likes you would rather not catch whatever it is that you have!

10. For a keeper, the future goes beyond next week

And, the biggest giveaway of all, is that a man who will keep you will be looking toward a future that includes you, whereas a man who just likes you will only want to talk about next week’s date. After all, the man who only likes you knows that he might find someone else to like, the week after that.

How to know a man loves you? Do you have some tips?

Stay happy!

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