10 Absolutely Sure Ways To Find Love

10 Absolutely Sure Ways To Find Love

By Beauty And Tips on February 13, 2015
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Finding ‘the one’ is not always an easy task and, with the busy lives that we all lead today, if you leave it to chance, then you might be waiting a while to bump into that perfect match. These days, if it is romance that you are seeking, it takes a slightly more proactive approach, so read on and find ten fabulous tips on how to find love:

1. Know yourself

The first step you may need to take is to understand your own true self. Take stock of where you are now and where you want to go. Make a list of your best attributes and understand what you have to offer a potential partner. Be confident in who you are and be true to yourself, because that is the reason that you want to find a match for, not a person that you are pretending to be.

2. Know what you are looking for

You can’t draw up a complete list of attributes that your perfect partner would have and, you should be prepared to try dating types of guys that you might not think are 100% compatible. You should, however, have a basic list in mind of things that would be a definite show-stopper.

3. Let people know that you are available

Do people even know that you are looking for love? Let your friends know that you would like to find a partner and also, remember to appear available when you are out too. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a badge or dress in a way that would make you feel uncomfortable, but you should, at least, appear to be approachable and be willing to talk to other people.

4. Sign up for on-line dating

Don’t be embarrassed by the idea of online dating, it’s no longer the sole preserve of computer geeks and weirdo’s! More people now find love through online dating, than through the more traditional means of meeting people.

5. Try speed dating

Speed dating is not for everyone but it is another modern phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular. It’s just a way of getting the preamble out of the way fast, and getting to the point quicker. Perfect for this busy age!

6. Don’t be backward about being forward

This is the age of equality and there are rules about who should ask who for a date. Don’t be shy about asking a guy on a date, the worst he can do is say ‘no’!

7. Be open to possibility

Be aware that your perfect match may be someone you already know or someone you meet in the most unusual of places. Love isn’t only found on dating sites, parties and through introductions. It could be the guy who serves you at your local store!

8. Socialise more at work

Get to know your work colleagues better and don’t shy away from lunchtime drinks or after work social events. You might think it boring spending more time with work colleagues than you need to, but people behave differently when they are not at work and you will be able to get to them better.

9. Volunteer

A great way to meet like-minded people who have the same interests is to volunteer for some work in the community. There is a huge range of opportunities, from working at an animal sanctuary to helping the homeless, and you’ll be doing something kind and good, as well as meeting new people.

10. Never give up

If at first you don’t succeed, then, try, try and try again! Whether you have been hurt on a previous relationship, or had a few false starts, don’t give up, because you will find love eventually, but if you stop trying then you almost certainly won’t.

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