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10 HONEST Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

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by candishale | Your Tango
Here’s the real deal on why she’s faking the big ‘O.’

Do women fake an orgasm? I hate to break it to you but yes, women do indeed fake orgasms and have been doing so for quite some time now! But the more important question is:Why do they fake orgasms?

Here are 10 reasons women fake orgasms: 

1. Women want to please their partner.

You know how a guy will often say that if he can bring a woman to orgasm, it not only turns him on to watch the pleasure he brings his partner, but also brings him closer to his own climax as well. Since a woman is always looking to please her man, faking an orgasm will put a smile on his face, and boost his ego at the same time!

2. Everyone loves a challenge.

Women get a little thrill from being able to control a guy’s gradual climb to a climax. It is a feeling of power. The challenge comes in seeing how excited you can get your guy, and how long you can prolong his orgasm. The fact that a woman can get her guy off with a fake orgasm, whenever she feels like it, can be very satisfying.

3. She’s not in the mood.

Sad but true, sometimes women really are not in the mood and just want to get it over with. Again, so as not to bruise her man’s ego, the woman will simply act out a fake orgasm in order to give her partner pleasure.

4. Pain is not always good.

Although some people get aroused when there’s some level of pain during sex, not all pain is good pain. If a woman is experiencing pain or discomfort during intercourse, it could be an indication that something is medically wrong. Nevertheless, she may simply fake it to bring things to an end more quickly, rather than say something and spoil her mate’s enthusiasm.

5. Things get too comfortable.

At some point, in every relationship, things get comfortable and we start to let things go, including our physical appearance. We might frequently skip gym, indulge in decadent desserts, and forget too often to dress up and look nice for our significant other. Well, all these things do in fact have an impact on our desire for one another. If a man gets a beer gut, that can definitely dampen a woman’s fires, she may fake orgasms instead of hurting his feelings.

6. She’s trying to avoid fighting.

One piece of advice for all couples is that you should NOT go to bed angry. Well, sometimes, it happens regardless. In order to avoid an argument, females will often swallow their disappointment, and go through the necessary bedroom motions, while pretending to enjoy it.

7. His technique is lacking.

Communication is the key to success in a relationship and all tiers of that relationship. And communication during sex is very important, especially when you are getting to know each other’s particular pleasures. A woman knows her own body, so when she tells you to speed things up or slow them down, pay attention to her “coaching.” If she wants a certain position, take the hint, make her happy, and she won’t have to fake it.

8. It’s taking too long. 

Most women cannot climax within minutes. Many are self-conscious, thinking that they are taking too long to climax, causing their partner to become tired. Thus, the woman kicks in the theatrics so her man feels like he has done a good job.

9. Men and women are different.

Although sex encounters for men are typically “great,” most women will reach orgasm more easily with someone they feel a connection with. If a certain level of trust has been established, a woman will feel relaxed in the arms of her partner, resulting in enjoyable and satisfying sex.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that women can still enjoy sex without having an orgasm.

10. It’s not going to happen — NOT like that!

Not all women can achieve orgasm through intercourse, some can only reach it through clitoral stimulation; in most cases, oral sex is the best bet.

This post originally appeared on Your Tango: 10 Honest Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

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