10 Natural Ways To Get A Sweet Night’s Sleep

10 Natural Ways To Get A Sweet Night’s Sleep

By The Times of India on December 15, 2013
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Benefits of a Good Sleep:
Yes, good sleep does wonders for your body, mind and soul and it is very essential to stay concentrated and focused at work. Learn more benefits of a goodnight’s sleep…

1: Be happy and content
People who sleep peacefully at night, are more happier and content in life, compared to insomniacs who are more likely to turn to suicide, alcoholism and depression.

2: Maintain a strong immune system.
Lack of proper sleep can damage your immunity, making you more prone to various diseases like cough, cold and flu.

3: Prevent type 2 diabetes
Losing sleep makes you more prone to insulin resistance and increases your chances of developing diabetes at a later age.

4: Lose weight and stay slim
Lack of sleep causes your hormones to go haywire, increasing your cravings for junk food that makes you unfit and unhealthy. So, a goodnight’s sleep will help you lose weight and stay slim and healthy.

5: Keep your thinking sharp
Sleep deprivation for even one night can interfere with your concentration, job performance and memory. So, if you want to have good concentration during the day, make sure you sleep well at night.

6: Slows down the ageing process
Insomnia causes your hormones to behave like those of a much older person. A goodnight’s sleep will help you slow down the ageing process.

Natural Ways to Sleep Better

If you desire a goodnight’s sleep naturally, avoid taking medications at night. Also, follow these steps listed below to help you sleep better.

1: Set-up the perfect sleeping room
Redecorate your room so that it’s quiet, peaceful and dark. Also, get rid of distractions and make sure that your clothing and bed are as comfortable as possible.

2: Form a bedtime routine
Do activities that make you feel drowsy, such as reading a “dull” book or listening to soothing music. These activities can help unwind you from a busy day and prepare you for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

3: Avoid all stimulants
Alcohol can disrupt your sleeping patterns and caffeine can cause alertness. Therefore, it is best to avoid them before bedtime.

4: Keep your body and room cool
For better sleep, your body core temperature has to drop a little. So always, keep your bedroom cool. Since food increases body temperature, make sure to eat low calorie food at dinnertime.

5: Exercise correctly
Daily exercise reduces stress and helps you relax. Since exercise increases your body temperature, so exercise in the day rather than at night.

6: Take a warm bath
A warm bath is very relaxing if taken 4 hours before bedtime. Although it raises the body, temperature a little bit, when your body temperature cools down, you will feel more drowsy.

7: Get help from supportive devices
A white-noise machine and earplugs can help to block out any unwanted noises. In addition, darkroom blinds or eyeshades can screen out the light.

8: Educate yourself about relaxation techniques
Deep breathing exercises like biofeedback, yoga and meditation can help you calm down.

9: Positive thinking
Learn to think positive thoughts by replacing negative thoughts with pleasant memories, fantasies and visualisations.

10: Breathe well
Focus on deep breathing from the diaphragm. Inhale to the count of four and exhale from one to eight.
In order to overcome insomnia learn to incorporate these bedtime habits based on what works best for you.

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