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10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Compare Relationships

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It’s never a good idea to compare your relationship with other people’s, because you should be concentrating on your own. If you find yourself looking at other couples and wishing you could be just like them, or even comparing your current relationship with a previous one, then read these ten very good reasons why you should never compare relationships:

1. You don’t see everything

If you are worried that your relationship doesn’t match up to the, apparently prefect, relationship of someone else, then remember that you don’t know everything. They have their fights and their bad times too. Perhaps they are just better at putting on a good front.

2. You are probably forgetting what you really do have

So, your best friend’s guy drives a Mercedes and just bought her a beautiful diamond ring. Does that really mean that that they are happier than you are? Does he wrap your friend up in a warm blanket and bring her a hot drink when she’s feeling ill, like your man does. Or is he too busy with work to even notice?

3. It will just bring you down

Comparing yourself with other people will only bring you down, because you will only look at the things in the other person that you think are better. You take away the joy of what you do have, when you compare your relationship with other people’s.


4. You will hurt your partner

If you start thinking that you wish we were more like that other couple, you are really going to hurt your partner, because he is going to think that you mean: ‘I wish that you were more like that other guy.’

5. Their happiness doesn’t change yours

Whatever another couple does, it doesn’t affect your own happiness. If someone else appears to be happier than you are in their relationship, then you should be pleased for them and, perhaps, looking at what you can you can do to improve your own.

6. You will miss out on what you do have

If you are focusing too much on what other people have, then you will miss out on all the good things that you have. Look harder at the great things about your own relationship, celebrate those, enjoy them and make the most out of what is yours.

7. No one is perfect

Everyone has faults, even that perfect boyfriend that your friend seems to have. Look at all the positive things about your boyfriend that you love and learn to accept his faults; because your friend will have had to do the same, you just don’t know about it.

8. You could lose what you have if you follow the guidance of the green eyed monster

Jealousy is not a nice thing to live with and, if your partner feels that you are not happy with him, then he may take the decision to move on himself. Are you really so unhappy in your relationship that you want that to happen, or is it the just the green eyed monster coming into play?

9. It will only make you focus on the negatives

If you constantly look at other peoples relationships, then you will begin to look only at the negatives of your own. Remember, the grass only looks greener on the other side, but it rarely is when you actually get there.

10. It is a waste of time and energy!

And finally, why waste your time obsessing over someone else’s relationship!  If you really are unhappy in your own relationship, then either work on fixing the issues or, if you need to, move on. Your own happiness is the important thing and only you can be the true judge of that.

Stay happy!

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