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10 Signs That You Are Wasting Your Precious Time On Him

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We’ve all been in a relationship where we’re just not sure if it’s going anywhere. We look at our friends and their relationships, and think we’re surely doing something wrong.

Why aren’t we as happy as them? Why do we feel unsure about our relationship?

You have to ask yourself a few questions. Does your man make you feel a little bit bad about yourself? Do you date a guy with a few questionable habits who you hope will change but know that he actually never will? Do you find yourself making excuses for him constantly, telling your family and friends that he’s just having a bad day.

These are just a handful of signs that you’re probably dating the wrong guy. Let’s take a look at some more.

He Just Doesn’t Listen To You

So you spent all yesterday reminding him that you were going to out all day today and that he would need to cook a meal for when you and your mom return home from shopping.

Naturally, you return home absolutely starving and ready to eat a delightful meal.

Only, he forgot to listen and has been out playing golf with the guys.

And he’s now just returned home absolutely starving and ready to eat a delightful meal.

He Drinks Too Much

Going out and drinking with your boyfriend on a Friday night is a giggle. You get a bit tipsy, have a few stolen kisses in the corner of a bar, and go home and get a little bit naughty underneath the sheets. The morning comes and all you want to do is laze around the house all day in the arms of your lover, nursing your hangover.

Except he believes in the hair of the dog and wants to keep drinking. You reason that there is nothing wrong with that. Sunday comes along, you’re feeling better, and he suggests that you both nip to the pub for a few cheeky beers. After all, you’re both off work. Okay, why not?

Monday morning comes around and it’s time to head into work. But your man isn’t going into work; he doesn’t have a job, remember? Instead, he’s off to the pub for a few more “cheeky ones”.

He Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

Your man is supposed to be the one sole person who makes you feel good about yourself. When it feels as thought the world is tumbling down around you, your boyfriend is the one person who is supposed to cheer you up.

He’s supposed to tell you that you’re just great no matter what anyone says. He’s supposed to tell you that you look stunning tonight, despite you feeling deeply unattractive.

If instead he constantly puts you down and damages your self-esteem, you need to take this as a sign that he probably isn’t worth your time.

He’s A Poor Communicator

You want to have a rational discussion about your problems, but the minute you say anything he just flips; he goes up the wall and starts shouting and screaming. Basically, he’s emotionally immature and cannot commute like a grown-up. If this is him, your relationship is eventually going to beak down for good.

He Has No Drive

If your boyfriend thinks that getting to Level 100 on Halo is a sign of ambition, you’re basically dating a loser. You’re on a hiding to nothing.

We need guys who have drive and ambition; we need men who have aspirations and want to better themselves.

A man who spends his entire days playing video games, eating junk and basically waiting for the football game to begin is a guy who probably isn’t going to change no matter how hard you try. Drive is inborn, you can’t teach it. Let him go.

He Undermines Your Dreams

We all need dreams. Dreams give us hope and make us believe in a better future. Without dreams, what would be the point in even trying? What would be the point in evenliving?

If your man is the type who pours cold water on your dreams and tells you to stay grounded because life is not going to get any better, alarm bells should be ringing in your head. What you need and deserve from a relationship is support and encouragement. You need a man who will get behind you and share your dreams.

He Loves Complimenting Other Women

Yes, you know the waitress is hot and the barista is every guys type. But does your boyfriend have to keep telling you this stuff? No, he doesn’t.

He Still Hangs Out With His Ex

It’s totally okay to to remain on speaking terms with his ex. After all, the last thing the world needs is more animosity, bitterness and bad blood.

But if you find out that your boyfriend is still hanging out with your ex behind your back, the chances are that you’re probably wasting your valuable time on him.

A guy hanging out with his ex is a red flag. A guy hanging out with his ex and not telling you is an alarm sounding telling you to get the heck out of there right now.

He Doesn’t Make You Feel Wanted

You suggest going for a romantic dinner and he just grunts. He doesn’t understand why you need to spend so much money when he could just warm up some soup for you both.

You suggest calling him before bed time to say good night but he says just text him instead.

You suggest going for a weekend away together but he needs to stay updated with the football so can’t really go. It’s the playoffs, he can’t miss it.

If this sounds familiar, you can take it as a sign that he’s not actually all that committed to this relationship. It sounds more like he could do without all the hassle.

You’ve Already Broken Up A Few Times

If you’re already broken up a few times because he won’t commit, only to get back together each time because he’s promised that he can change, you should know by now that he sounds like a broken record. Think of this great quote: “It’s called a breakup because it’s broken.”

Stay happy!

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