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10 Signs He Is The One For You

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Even when you are madly deeply in love with a guy, you can still be unsure if he really is the one. One survey suggested that one of the biggest indicators that you have found the one is that your friends and family like the guy, but there has to be more to it than that, surely? Everyone will have their own ideas of what makes the difference between a boyfriend and a man that would be a soulmate for life, but here ten things that we think are definite signs that he could well be the one for you.

1. You feel relaxed when he’s around

When you realise that you can be yourself and you feel totally relaxed in his company, that’s when you will know that he could be the man for you. You don’t feel the need to put on an act for him or even to get made up every morning. You can just hang out with him, be yourself, and have fun.

2. You can talk about anything

You may not always agree, but when you know you can talk about anything to a man, then you know that you are becoming really close to each other. Also, even when you do argue, you know you will find an amicable solution to a dispute. Even in the best relationships, disagreements are inevitable, but you know you are on the right track when both of you try hard to find common ground.

3. You don’t want to change him

It’s not just the good things that you love about him, you can even put up with some of his grossest habits. When you love him for his and you can’t think of a single thing that you’d like to change about him, you probably just met the one. If you really are going to give up the single life for this guy, you will have to learn to live with those annoying little traits he has. If you believe you can do that, and you don’t want to change them, you are on your way to a long lasting relationship.

4. Silence is not scary

You know when you are in a good relationship when there are times that there is no need for words. Neither of you feel any compulsion to talk, just to fill the silence; you are both quite content to just sit quietly together.

5. You can picture a future together

You don’t have to be dreaming of wedding bells and of decorating the nursery just yet, but you certainly can imagine a future that your boyfriend is a part of. When you find that your mind sometimes wanders into wondering what the future will be like with your boyfriend, then you have half made the jump from boyfriend to the one already.

6. You take care of each other when one of you is sick

Let’s be honest, watching someone throw up into the toilet is not anyone’s idea of fun, but when you love someone enough to go and help them and see if they are OK, then that’s showing that you care enough to help them through anything. On the other hand, if you shut the bathroom door, turn the TV up loud, and let them get on with it; you might want to reconsider those thoughts of the future you were having!

7. You laugh a lot together

If you are going to spend the rest of your life together, you’d better learn to laugh at life, and laugh at yourselves sometimes too. Laughter is one of life’s best pleasures and it can see you through a lot. If you share the same sense of humour and can make each other laugh, then you will always be able to face whatever life has to throw at you together.

8. You support and encourage each other

You know you are right for each other when you help each other be the best person you can be. You may have different pastimes and interests, and that’s just fine, but you actively support each other in these things. You want each other to succeed and you want each other to be happy.

9. You trust each other

Many of these signs will happen without you even noticing them, that’s why it can sometimes be hard to tell if you really have met the one. Trust is one of things that can creep up on you and you suddenly realise that you never doubt his word or wonder what he’s been up to. When you trust someone so implicitly that it never even crosses your mind to doubt them, then you know you have met someone really special.

10. You will stop asking questions

All of these signs are the early signs that you have a person you want to be with forever. The final sign that will seal it for sure is that you yourself will stop doubting it. When you stop doubting yourself and you start trusting your heart, then you will know you have definitely met the man for you.

Stay happy!

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