10 Signs That You’ve Found Your Mr Right

10 Signs That You’ve Found Your Mr Right

By Beauty And Tips on March 1, 2015

Everyone wants to find the perfect match for them, a person that they can trust and love forever, but how can you tell when that has happened to you? If you are dating a guy and he seems to be too good to be true, then trust your instincts, because they might be right. If you need any further proof that you have met the man for you, then read these 10 signs that you really have found your Mr Right.

1. He makes you feel wanted

Mr Right will tell you how much he loves you, over and over again. He will make you feel special, important and appreciated, and he will show you how much he cares by all the nice things that he does for you.

2. He will tell you everything

The man that is right for you will feel so comfortable in your company that he will tell you anything about himself that you want to hear. There will be no secrets and no deceit; he will even tell you things that he has never told anybody else before. This is more than just being honest, when put on the spot; this will be openness like you’ve never known it before.

3. He notices everything about you

You will be surprised at just how much this guy notices about you. Your little habits, a change in how you wear your hair, he will see it all. He cherishes everything about you and will remember every little thing you say. He’s as in love with you, as you are with him, and he wants you to know that.

4. Even your parents like him

You don’t need your parents’ consent, or anything like that, but they have been around a little longer than you, so their judgement is probably sound. Your parents have been looking out for you for a long time now, so if your man is getting the parental seal of approval, there is a good chance he is the right man for you.

5. You laugh a lot together

When two people get really close, then they are able to see the funny side of things more easily. They are so relaxed in each other’s company that they can really let their guard down, and they joke and laugh with ease. Mr Right will frequently have you in stitches and you’ll have plenty of private jokes to share too.

6. The physical chemistry is there

There will be a certain something, that you just can’t quite put your finger on, when you’ve found your Mr Right. It’s more than physical attraction; it’s more like a certain type of electricity! Even just sitting with him, or holding hands, makes your heart race.

7. You share the same dreams for the future

Mr Right will be the person that you know you can spend the rest of your life with, because you both want the same things out of life. You may well have some interests or hobbles that differ, but when it comes to the big things, you agree 100%.

8. The days don’t seem long enough

When you realise that you are cherishing every moment together, then you have met the right guy. Even sitting on the sofa watching TV is a moment that you don’t want to end and just being with him is enough. Mr Right will be someone you can share everything with, even in the most boring of days.

9. You settle arguments quickly

You and Mr Right will still fight sometimes, but when you do, you fight fair and you both try to bring an end to the dispute quickly. He will be a guy who readily admits when he is in the wrong and do all he can to avoid an argument dragging in for too long.

10. You bring out the best in each other

Mr Right will make you realise things about yourself you never knew before. You will find that together, you make a great team and you seem to shine in each other’s company. He will encourage you in your endeavours and congratulate you on your successes, and you will do the same for him.

What are other signs that you’ve found your Mr Right?

Stay happy!

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