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10 Simple Everyday Moments Only Happy People Would Appreciate

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One of the biggest differences between happy people, and those that are not, is that happy people look for the good in every situation. They have made the decision to be happy and they open their eyes, look around them, and they find joy in even the smallest, everyday moments that other people would simply miss. Here are ten of those everyday moments that only happy people would appreciate:

1. Waking up

For a happy person, each and every morning is something to be celebrated. No hanging around in bed for these guys, they get up early ready and eager to find out what the new day has in store for them.

2. The telephone ringing

When the phone rings a happy person will jump up to answer it. They will not be thinking ‘oh no, that’s probably more bad news’, they love to hear to hear from people and share what’s going on in their lives.

3. A stranger’s smile

Happy people like to connect with other people and they will appreciate even a smile from a stranger. They will be pleased to see another happy person being friendly and they would do the same to others too.

4. Eating a good meal

Happy people usually enjoy eating. They savour their food and really taste the flavours. Eating is more than just a necessity for these, smiley happy people; it’s another thing to be grateful for and to relish.

5. Singing in the shower

Admittedly, living next door to a happy person who likes their early morning singsong in the shower, can be a bit annoying. But, hey, they are having fun! You may think they sound like a cat being strangled, but they think they sound great and even if you don’t appreciate it, they certainly do.

6. Starting something new

Whether it’s the first day at a new job or picking up a new book for the first time, a happy person appreciates the beginning of any new journey. They don’t fear the unknown; they welcome it, because they know that all the greatest adventures in life, have to start somewhere.

7. The sun the rain, the wind and the snow

They don’t complain that it’s too hot or it’s too cold, happy people love the changes in the weather. It’s all a part of what makes every day just a little bit different and stops any day from being a boring one.

8. When a loved one comes home

When the door opens and a loved one walks in, a happy person is genuinely pleased to see them. It’s far more than just a daily routine to them, it’s a chance to be with someone they love again and that’s something to be really pleased and grateful about.

9. A walk in the park

When a happy person takes walks in the park, they see the birds, they hear the wind in the trees and they can marvel at the miracle that we call nature. That tiny flower that most people would just pass by without even noticing is pretty amazing, if you take the time to look.

10. Being alive!

Most of us take being alive completely for granted, but a happy person celebrates that every day. They know that our time is limited, so they appreciate every day that they have and they never waste a single one.

Do you know some other habits of happy people?

Stay happy!

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