10 Things Couples Should Stop Doing On Facebook

10 Things Couples Should Stop Doing On Facebook

By Lipstiq on March 23, 2014
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It’s not easy to find a special someone that you’re so comfortable with and we’re honestly happy for you, but sometimes, we wish that you would stop talking about it so much. Occasionally, we understand that you’re so happy in love that you want to scream it out at the top of your lungs, and this is when you misuse Facebook. Aren’t we all familiar with the annoying couple on our favourite social media site that’s highly obsessed with each other? Here are 10 things we think couples should stop doing.

1. Constantly changing their relationship statuses

If you’re in a relationship, you’re in a relationship. Changing your relationship status every single time you’re angry with each other for something petty makes you look extremely childish and immature. Make up your mind and stick with it.

2. Posting mushy messages on each other’s timeline

“I love you baby, you’re the best boyfriend ever.” You don’t have to keep reminding everyone that your partner is, well … yours. Everyone knows that you’re in love and that he or she is off limits. The mushy status updates you have on each other’s timeline is just plain disturbing and annoying. Please turn to private text messaging instead.

3. Uploading couple photos every time they go out

Unless you’re visiting Paris every other week, there is no need to update us on your weekly trips to the local grocer or shopping malls. We don’t think that you need to commemorate every outing by snapping a couple photo. Even if you do, you might want to keep those photos to make a handmade scrapbook for your anniversary.

4. Arguing publicly

Are you not aware that the whole world is able to witness your dissatisfaction with each other? Posting one comment after another about how he forgot to pick you up after classes today isn’t going to embarrass anyone but yourselves. Plus, EVERYONE will talk about you.

5. Putting up cheesy ‘monthsary’ photos

Is it really necessary for you to declare your love for one another every time you’ve reached a milestone in your relationship? Not to mention, these lovey-dovey photos are also accompanied by paragraphs after paragraphs of how great he or she has been as a partner to you. Aren’t you running out of things to say already?

6. Overly gushing about the other half

Some people post sweet random statuses about their partners constantly, and these are not about reaching a milestone or anniversary of any kind. To make matters worse, these statuses often start with the words, “Dear …”. If it’s meant for that special someone, wouldn’t it be more romantic if you sent them a text letting them know how much they mean to you?

7. Posting inside jokes nobody else understands

At most, people will think that these statuses are all about the kinky sex the both of you are having and nothing else. But inside jokes are called inside jokes for a reason, which is why we believe that you should keep it to yourself. Don’t make us guess, and don’t make room for people to assume the worst.

8. Sharing photos of themselves in bed

This is one of the worst offenses in coupledom and you should feel very sorry if you have been guilty of making your friends gag. It’s gross and you don’t need to show the world how intimate you are to feel validated by your peers. It irks everyone out, honestly.

9. Breaking up over Facebook

Breaking up is a very private affair and should be done face to face, with the two of you alone together. The goal here is to keep your breakup on the down low and allow the news to disperse slowly, not blasting it on Facebook with the intention to embarrass and put the other person at fault for the breakup.

10. Uploading snogging photos

Urgh, TMI guys. You’re making everyone, including your close buddies, feel uncomfortable with the photos of you smooching. How do you think your parents and relatives would feel? Please keep these pictures in a private album on your phone for your own viewing pleasure.

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