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10 Types Of Women A Guy Will Date Before Meeting His True Love

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It usually takes a few ‘practice’ runs before you find the right person for you and that’s all part of the fun of dating. The guys are no different from the girls in that, and they will need to learn by experience the types of women that have what it takes to make a long term partner for them and the types that don’t. So, are you the type of woman that guys will date and then move on? Find out by reading these ten types of women that a guy will date before he finally meets his true love.

1. The girl in charge

When a guy first meets a woman who likes to be in control, her bossy nature can actually be quite endearing. It might be nice, for a while, to let someone else make all the decisions and be told what to do. That won’t last though, he’ll soon realise that he doesn’t want to be under the thumb for a whole lifetime.

2. The girl who knows all the gossip

The type of woman that has more news than a local newspaper can also be entertaining to begin with. Men don’t mind a bit of gossip and finding out all about the latest rumours can be fascinating at first. That is, until he realises that he may be the next topic of the gossip and decides to play it safe and move on.

3. The married woman

A lot of guys will find the challenge of an older married woman just too tempting to resist. He’ll want to find out for himself if all those rumours about an experienced woman really are true and he’ll love the dangerous cat and mouse game of secret rendezvous and illicit love. He’ll probably only try this once though, once he’s been chased down the street by an irate husband or he finds himself caught in a hideous love triangle.

4. The ‘totally devoted to you’ type of girl

The woman who falls head over heels in love and can’t leave him alone for a minute will be a great boost for his ego. Who wouldn’t be flattered by a girl who is at his beck and call every second of the day? He won’t ever marry this type of girl though, or he’d never be able to go anywhere without her and he’d have to say farewell to his friends too.

5. The ‘let’s have a baby’ woman

When a guy is dating, he will invariably meet the type of girl that is on the prowl for a husband.  This isn’t the type of woman who will let things happen gradually, she will want babies tomorrow and she’s already chosen the names! Guys need a little more time to adjust to that idea before they commit to it, so he’s not going to hang around here for long either.

6. The ‘Hold on, I’ll just have to check with mum’ girl

This is another type of woman that is more common than you might think. This is the type of girl that needs her mother to make all her decisions for her. The only way this relationship will last is the happy couple, both move-in with mum.

7. The picky eater

Most women like to take care of their figure, but it can be really off putting, if a girl never eats. It’s not just the hassle of finding a restaurant that serves rabbit food that will put him off, it’s the thought of what will be on the menu at home, if they ever were to live together.

8. The one night stand

This is on many man’s list of to do’s before he settles down; a night of unbridled passion with a complete stranger. No strings attached and no complication is what he’s after here, and he won’t be looking for everlasting love.

9. A girl that doesn’t mind having some company

We’re not going to go into too much detail on this one, because we’re not that sort of a website! It is, however, many men’s fantasies to experience a crowded bed scenario, though he will have no intention of falling in love with everyone who is present for the occasion.

10. The flirt and tease girl

The final type of woman that every man will encounter in his search for love will be the tease. He will be unable to resist her advances and he will be pleased at the attention. When he finds out that’s how she is with all the men she meets, he won’t be hanging around for long though.

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