10 Drinks And Foods That You Didn’t Know Make You Look Older...

10 Drinks And Foods That You Didn’t Know Make You Look Older Than Your Age

By Beauty And Tips on April 23, 2015
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You’ve read all about the things that you can eat that are good for your complexion and can help ward off the signs ageing, but what about the things that have an adverse effect and can actually make you look older? Here are ten foods and drinks that you should avoid, or cut down on, because these are the ones that can make you look older than you really are.

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1. Coffee

Your need for frequent caffeine boosts to get you through the day could be changing the way you look. For a start, too much coffee will stain your teeth and that will instantly make you look older. Caffeine will also dehydrate you, especially, if you drink too much coffee, so your skin will lose its youthful look.


2. Alcohol

Alcohol is another drink that will dehydrate your body. Too much of the vino and you will get puffy eyes and look tired. Red wine can also stain the teeth too, and that will add some years onto your appearance as well.

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3. Salt

Sprinkling too much salt on your meals won’t help either. Excess salt can cause high blood pressure, which is not that good for your heart, slat will also affect the collagen in your skin making it weaker, and that can lead to wrinkles.

Goat Meat Pepper Soup
Goat Meat Pepper Soup

4. Very spicy foods

Very spicy foods are also included in the list of foods that age you. Hot and spicy food is great for boosting the metabolism, but it can play havoc with your skin. Too much chilli and jalapeños, and the blood vessels in your skin can become dilated, which will make your skin lose its youthful appearance. Don’t worry too much though, the occasional curry won’t do any harm!


5. Sugar

 You can put the candy away as well! Too much sugar in your diet will cause an insulin overload and that too will affect the blood vessels and cause acceleration of the ageing process.
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6. Soda

Soda is another drink that won’t be kind to your skin and teeth. Most sodas contain high levels of acids that will eat away at the enamel on your teeth and they also contain high levels of sodium, which will age the skin.

7. Processed meat

Processed meats, such as sausages and hot dogs, are also included in our list of foods that age you, as they contain high levels of sulphites, which are used as a preservative. Sulphites found in processed meats can cause skin irritation and inflammation, which will make you look older.

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8. Red meat

In a recent study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, research suggested that eating too much red meat can bring on wrinkles. In fact, they found that if you eat red meat more than once a week, a compound called creatine, which is found in meat, can cause hardening of the blood vessel walls, which can bring in wrinkles in the skin.

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9. Trans-fats

Products that are loaded with trans-fats are also foods that age you. Trans-fats, which are found in margarine and in fast foods, can cause the arteries to clog, which can not only bring on the early signs of ageing, but also lead to numerous health problems. Stick to monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil, avocado and coconut oil.

Reduce your carbohydrates: Avoid bread

10. Simple carbohydrates

Eating simple carbs like the ones that you find in white bread and pasta, can also age you. Foods like this have a high glycemic index, which can inflame the skin and break down collagen. Eat more whole grain foods, they are better for you, all round.

Do you know other foods that age you?

Stay happy!

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