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10 Useful Tips On How To Make Your Bra More Comfortable

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Bras do a wonderful job of keeping things in place and they should make you feel more comfortable too, but when the straps keep falling down your arms and the underwire starts to dig in, that’s when wearing a bra becomes a real pain. A well fitted, good quality bra, though, should be so comfortable that you barely notice that you are wearing it. Read on and find out ten ways that you can make sure your bra feels comfortable, all day long.

1. Have your bras fitted properly

Don’t just assume that you know your bra size and keep on buying the same size. A lot of women wear the wrong sized bra, so it’s no wonder that they feel uncomfortable. Go to a store that offers a professional bra fitting service and don’t be afraid to try on lots of different bras until you feel perfectly happy.

2. Buy the best bras you can find

Don’t go for the cheapest bra you can find either because the cheaper ones will be less comfortable and won’t last, nor will they keep their shape for very long. A bra is the one undergarment that it’s really not worth trying to save money on. Buy the best ones that you can afford. It’s probably better to have a few more expensive bras, than many cheap ones, in your closet.

3. Soften up a bra before you wear it

Always give your bra a few hand-washes, before you first wear it, or even just one wash, on a cool setting, in the washing machine. This will help soften up the fabric and make it more comfortable the first few times you wear it. Apart from this one time, it is advisable to hand wash bras and then they will last for much longer.

4. Don’t wear an underwire bra unless you have to

Women with larger chest sizes may feel that they need an underwire bra, but if you are smaller, then you may not. Underwire bras can be a lot more uncomfortable, so try a bra without the underwire, or with a soft underwire, and see how you get on with it.

5. Be practical

Dainty, lacy bras look gorgeous and make you feel great but, they are not the most practical choice for everyday wear. No one is likely to see your bra when you are at work, so wear a plain, cosy cotton bra with no added frills. It might be boring, but it will probably be a lot more comfortable.

6. Lay off the body lotion

If you smother yourself in body lotion before you put your bra on, then any bra, but especially a strapless bra, is likely to slip and feel uncomfortable. Lay off the powder and moisturiser around your chest and back, and the bra will stay where it should.

7. Bend the wires to make them fit better

If you plan on keeping a bra, but the wires have started to dig in, then you could always try bending the wires to make them fit your body shape more snugly. The best way to do this is to lay the bra against a table edge, then bend it around the edge of the table to the necessary shape.

8. Pad out your bra to fit

Not all women have perfectly symmetrical breasts, so sometimes, although a bra may fit one breast perfectly, it is very unlikely that it will fit both quite so well. You might need to insert a pad on one side to make the bra fits snugly to both breasts and make it sit evenly across your chest.

9 Adjust the straps as the bra wears

As a bra wears, and gets washed more, it will lose some of its shape and it will stretch. Don’t forget that you will probably need to tighten the straps after a few months of wear to keep the bra fitting properly.

10. Use bra extenders if you need to

You don’t have to squeeze yourself into an old bra, if you find that you have put on a little extra weight. You can extend the life of a bra and make it more comfortable to wear with bra extenders that increase the length of the straps for you.

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