10 Celebrity Beauties Who Ruined Their Looks With Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)

10 Celebrity Beauties Who Ruined Their Looks With Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)

By Wires | The Trent on May 5, 2015
Latoya Jackson

Everyone needs a little help every now and then, whether it’s through a change of make-up, a new skincare brand – even an eye-brow shape.  Anything to help roll back the years but with the rise of botox and fillers – do celebrities take it a little too far?

Some celebrities go for a very natural look and while we all know they’ve had plastic surgery it’s not as in your face (pardon the pun) as others.  We take a look at 10 of the worst cosmetic surgery procedures ever had by a celebrity.


donatella versace

Donatella, you are fooling no-one.  How would anyone describe your look?  Like a fish on drugs, springs to mind.  You do have beautiful hair though and you know a thing or two about fashion but seriously, ditch your cosmetic surgeon, de-trout your lips and let your frown-lines re-appear. We promise you’ll look a million times better.  Here you are then and now, we know which one we prefer.


Amanda Holden

At least you admit it Amanda.  Everyone knows about your trout pout gone wrong and you have learnt a lesson.  You still look frozen but we have to admit you look good.  Just don’t overdo it, it’s time to give in to your 40’s and accept that you’ll never be 20 again, oh and please eat, you’re way too thin.



We think this is such a shame. Tulisa, you used to look so young and fresh faced and now you look 10 years older than you actually are with a puffy face that looks like it’s made of stone.  Let’s not get started on your lips – why they’re supersized!  You are without doubt, completely unrecognisable.


Daryl Hannah

Oh dear Daryl looks like you made the splash into cosmetic surgery and came out more horror film than mermaid.  Where are your eyes?  We can’t see them, they are hidden behind layers of filler and Botox and your mouth – it looks like someone has taken it off your face, pulled it, stretched it, blown it up and fixed it back on.  You’re like a fish out of water. TERRIBLE.


katie price

Never a stranger to a cosmetic procedure or 40, Katie Price could write a book on the subject. Whether it’s trout pouts or frozen foreheads, grotesque breast implants or fixed stares – Katie is the Queen of Cosmetic Surgery as well as being Queen of Celebrity Big Brother, why, you’ve even had your nose re-shaped.  Still, we prefer you by far when you are more natural looking – when you were Queen of the Jungle you looked amazing, you don’t look remotely normal now (not that you want to, obviously!)


pete burns

It’s good to have a male in this list even though we’re never sure if you’re man or woman judging by the amount of surgery you’ve had Mr (s) Burns.  Pete knew he’d gone too far as he had a documentary made detailing his plastic surgery nightmare.  Let this be a lesson to all other celebs around the globe.  The sad thing is you were a very handsome man in your day.


heidi montag

So fresh faced and cute – not.  Heidi what did you do to yourself?  Cosmetic surgery is supposedly meant to enhance your beauty and take the years off.  It ruined yours and put the years on.  Did we mention your boobs?  You can’t fail not to notice you’ve gone up a few hundred bra sizes.  We’re not even sure it’s really you; we think you’re hiding from the limelight somewhere.  If it is you, our advice, remove the implants, get rid of the hair colour and let the botox and filler wear off – you look awful.


Latoya Jackson

Is it you or another grotesque caricature of your brother Michael? Maybe Michael is still alive. In fact what do you really look like?  No-one knows.  You’re probably a figment of everyone’s imagination.  An example of plastic surgery gone way too far – you’ve had EVERYTHING done and more.  Bet you dread getting a cold.


renee zelwe

Is it you?  We don’t know, no one knows.  You look nothing like our beloved Bridget Jones so wherever you are Renee, please come back.  If truth be told you look good but you don’t look like you and we liked how you looked before.  It’s just weird.


jackie stalon

Where does one start?  This is one word, horrific.  Whoever your cosmetic surgeon is, sue him – make as much money as you can and then hide behind a balaclava.  Who wants to look like you?  It’s scary and really only suitable for Halloween.  You must go through at least one lipstick a day with lips like that.  We bet you’re Revlon’s biggest customer.  Honestly – do you really look in the mirror and think you look good?  Maybe it’s your eyes needing surgery.

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  1. Some of these pics give really the wrong impression. The pic of La Toya for instance: she already had surgery in the first pic, mid eighties most likely…..and the second pic is of a woman in her mid fifties. And at a typical bad photomoment even. Seen lots of pics of how she is “today” looking even better at 59!

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