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12 Things That Black People Do Today That They Learned During Slavery

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This is a list of 12 things black people do today that they learned during slavery.


Self-hate: Many people of African decent hold a negative perception of themselves.


Many predominantly Black churches and homes are still decorated with a picture of a white Jesus.


Most Black people in the world are still educated by white or Arab agenda institutions.


Many Black people use names their ancestors acquired during slavery.


The diet of many Black people still consists of foods that were forced unto our ancestors during slavery.


Most Black people in the world only speak the European language of their ancestors slave master.


Leaders often seem to run Black countries like puppets to European or Asian power agendas.


Black men and women can often be disrespectful toward each other and don’t use amicable methods to settle disputes.


Black people spend the majority of their resources in the development and advancement of other racial and ethnic groups.


Many Blacks depend on other groups for employment rather than creating jobs for the Black community.


Divide-and-conquer techniques that whites use to separate Black people contribute to why Black people are often violent toward each other today.


Many Black people live in destitute situations, with the same or, at times, worse conditions than during slavery.

(via On The Black List)

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