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Man Masturbates Inside Massage Parlour Because Woman Refused ‘Happy Ending’

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A man who went for a massage began to masturbate in front of a masseuse after she refused to give him what he described as ‘happy ending’

Police officers in South Carolina have launched a search aimed at arresting the man for acting inappropriately at the Tai Chi Massage in Myrtle Beach.

The suspect according to the police, has a white male between the ages of 40 and 50. The suspect, who has long hair down to his shoulders, weighs between 150 and 170 pounds, and is of average height.

According to the police, the suspect received a massage for $68 plus a $20 table shower before he demanded the ‘happy ending’ which the lady claimed not to have understood what he exactly meant.
She disclosed that soon afterwards, the man made a stroking motion with his hand near his private parts and got angry when she refused to respond to his gesture.
The man reportedly got angry, put his clothes on and entered the lobby of the massage business and then sat on a bench and began masturbating.

The police further revealed that the suspect demanded that the victim watched him while he was performing the sexual act on himself.

According to WWWN, the suspect did not pay for the massage and left in a red van with North Carolina license plates.

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