15 Funny Facts About Women You Probably Never Heard

15 Funny Facts About Women You Probably Never Heard

By Beauty And Tips on August 10, 2015
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Men and women are so different, but still can’t live without each other. In today’s article, let’s talk about random fun facts about women you probably never heard of. (Feel free to read Part 2 of the article “Fun facts about women” here.)

1) An average woman eats about 2-3 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime.

2) Women blink about 2 times more often than men. Interesting why? :)

3) A woman will more easily trust somebody who hugs her for at least 15 seconds.

4) 80% of women’s wrinkles are caused by excessive sun exposure.

5) Women usually tie the belt of a dressing gown higher than their belly button, while men tie it lower.

6) A woman doesn’t like it when her hands are free, this is why she is likely to carry with her a purse, gloves, a book or…something else…

7) The first computer programmer was a woman. Her name is Ada Lovelace.

8) According to researches, an average woman spends about 120 hours a year looking at herself in the mirror, which is approximately 5 entire days a year!

9) After making love, women don’t feel like sleeping. They feel like talking and kissing.

10) While turning to the call, a woman usually just turns her head, while a man will turn his entire body. It’s because women have more flexible neck.

11) While making love, a woman worries about whether she looks pretty.

12) A woman opens beer bottles with a beer bottle opener.

13) Ladies close their ears with fingers, while men – with hands.

14) When you ask a woman to give you a lighter, she won’t test the speed of your reaction, she will just give it to you.

15) A woman prefers that her man reads her desires in her eyes…this is why communication between the two genders often gets complicated.

Don’t take it seriously, these are just funny facts ?

What other fun facts about women do you know? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Stay happy!

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